iOS 16.1—A brilliant new iPhone privacy feature arriving any minute

iOS 16.1—A brilliant new iPhone privacy feature arriving any minute

iOS 16.1—A brilliant new iPhone privacy feature arriving any minute

Apple’s iOS 16.1 update is coming every moment, along with a bunch of great new iPhone features. One of the best updates coming in iOS 16.1 will give you really granular control over your privacy through a new menu for copying and pasting from other apps.

The iOS 16.1 feature came about as a result of an annoying bug introduced in the iOS 16 as part of the new privacy feature. Intended to limit who can access your data, this feature requires apps to obtain permission before accessing the iPhone’s clipboard to paste text from other apps.

However, some iPhone users saw the prompt so often that it became annoying, prompting Apple to fix the problem in iOS 16.0.2. Since then, the iPhone maker has announced iOS 16.0.3and the next iOS release on Monday, October 24 is expected to be iOS 16.1.

In true Apple fashion, the iPhone maker has further improved the copy and paste functionality in iOS 16.1. The iOS 16.1 privacy setting includes a new Paste from Other Apps menu that shows apps that have previously asked for permission, in Settings > [app] > Paste from other applications.

The menu offers three options: Ask—the application must continue to ask for permission to paste content from other applications; Deny—the app cannot paste content from other apps; and allow—the app can paste content from other apps without asking for permission again.

Important for iPhone privacy

Excessive notifications can be annoying, but the clipboard function is important for your privacy. “Many apps stick to the clipboard without permission, which is extremely worrying as it can be sensitive information such as passwords or card details that are taken without consent,” says Jake Moore, Global Cyber ​​Security Advisor at ESET.

“It’s often recorded when the app is opened, and there’s no way to prevent it,” he warns.

The iOS 16.1 feature is pretty cool as it allows you to control your privacy without the hassle of constant prompts. In fact, iOS 16.1 reminds me of Application tracking transparency feature and App Privacy Report already available on iPhone devices.

Another cool iPhone privacy feature is Security check, which lets you see what permissions are assigned to various iPhone apps. Why not try it while you wait for iOS 16.1?

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