iOS 16.1 Features: What’s New in iOS 16.1

iOS 16.1 Features: What’s New in iOS 16.1

iOS 16.1 Features: What’s New in iOS 16.1

Apple today released iOS 16.1 to the public after just over a month of beta testing, adding essential new features to iOS 16 Operating system and starting version of iPadOS 16 for the first time.

iOS 16.1 Features: What’s New in iOS 16.1
iOS 16.1 adds features that have been delayed from the ‌iOS 16‌ update, plus it tweaks some existing capabilities and interface options. We’ve explained what’s new in iOS 16.1 below.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

apple lag iCloud Shared Photo Library in order to solve some bugs, but it is available in iOS 16.1 update. With iCloud Shared Photo Library‌, a total of six people can share a single photo library, making it easy to distribute photos among friends and family.

Shared Photo Library feature ios 16 icloud

Anyone who is a member of iCloud‌ Shared Photo Library can add, edit, add to favorites, comment on, and delete photos, and users can have one personal library and one shared library. There are tools for switching between two libraries, choosing to upload photos to the shared library directly from the camera, when other library participants are nearby, and more.

‌ iCloud‌ Shared Photo Library is a complex feature that you might have a lot of questions about, so we have Create a custom directory It guides you how to use it.

live activities

lock screen and dynamic island Live Activities feature launched in iOS 16.1. Live Activity is a new type of notification that allows you to follow something in real time, like an approaching Uber ride, a flight, a sports game, and more.

Live Activities Introduction Dark 2x

The Live Activity API is available for developers in iOS 16.1, so along with the update release, developers will be able to add new Live Activity experiences to their apps.

Sharing wallet key

The car, hotel room, and other keys available in the Wallet app can be safely shared with others through Messages, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps.

Lock screen / home screen customization

When you click on the “Personalize” interface on the lock screen, there is now an option to choose between customizing either the lock screen or main screen, instead of just the lock screen. This makes it easy to customize the appearance of a file Iphone From one place without having to go through several steps.

home screen ios 16 1 beta

+ Apple Fitness on iPhone without Apple Watch

Apple Fitness+ is available even if you don’t have an Apple Watch to use it with both iOS 16.1 and tvOS 16.1. You can start a workout if you subscribe to Apple Fitness+, although you will lose the Apple Watch metrics on the screen.

Apple Fitness Plus iPhone 14 Pro

You can sign up for Apple Fitness+ without an hour after installing updates.

support matter

iOS 16.1 adds support for the Matter smart home connectivity standard. Matter allows interoperability between smart devices from different companies, so HomeKitAlexa and Google Assistant devices, for example, can work together.

clean energy charging

iOS 16.1 adds a toggle to enable “Clean Energy Charging” in the Battery section of the Settings app. Clean Energy Charging will attempt to reduce your carbon footprint by selective charging when low carbon electricity is available.

clean energy charging ios 16 1

Apple says that your ‌iPhone‌ will still reach a full charge level before you need to use it based on your daily charging routine, and the feature can be turned off if desired. It appears to be enabled by default when updating to iOS 16.1.

Delete the wallet app

iOS 16.1 adds the option to remove the Wallet app from iPhone‌ completely. In ‌iOS 16‌ and earlier versions of iOS, the app can be removed from the Home Screen, but it cannot be deleted. It can now be completely deleted for those who don’t want to use it Apple Pay or other wallet features.

ios 16 1 delete wallet app

The choice comes as Apple faces a lawsuit accusing it of violating antitrust law by making Apple Pay the only mobile wallet available for Tap-to-pay payments on ‌iPhone‌.

Battery percentage in the status bar

iOS 16.1 adds battery percentage to the battery icon in the status bar on iPhone‌ XR, ‌iPhone‌ 11, iPhone 12 miniAnd the iPhone 13 mini, all iPhones that did not support the feature in iOS 16‌.

ios 16 beta battery percentage symbol

UI screenshot

When the screenshot editing tool is closed, there is an updated interface in the upper right corner that provides options to delete, copy and delete a screenshot or save it. This menu was at the bottom of the iPhone‌, so this new app is sleeker and less in your face because it doesn’t take up the bottom of the screen.

delete screenshot ui ios 16 1

Battery status bar visual charge indicator

In ‌iOS 16, Apple added the battery percentage to the battery icon in the status bar Face ID iPhone and iOS 16.1 beta 2 devices have improved the feature to show a visual indicator of the charge level.

ios 16 1 beta 2 battery

The battery icon changes throughout the day as the battery is dead or charged, making it easy to see the charge level at a glance. Before the beta, the battery indicator in the status bar showed a percentage, but the battery level was always steady and full, sometimes making it confusing to determine the iPhone‌ charging at a glance.

battery line

Apple has updated the font used for the battery icon, increasing the size a bit.

Lock screen charging indicator

When charging your ‌iPhone‌, the percentage of battery is now displayed above the time your ‌iPhone‌ first starts charging and each time it wakes up from sleep mode during the charging process.

ios 16 beta 2 charging level

This allows a clear indication of the charge level when tapping on the iPhone‌ screen without unlocking the device. The always on screen does not show the charge level and the screen wakes up to iPhone 14 Pro The form is required for the battery level to appear.

Background updates

Apple has updated the Wallpapers section of the Settings app to allow users to switch between wallpapers from this interface. The design has also been tweaked, making the options for adding a new background more straightforward.

ios 16 1 . wallpapers

SOS emergency via satellite

Apple began laying the groundwork for emergency SOS via satellite and find Satellite integration, which function will come to iPhone 14 Forms start in November. The icon in the update reveals some text that we can expect to see.

emergency satellite ios 16 1 2

emergency satellite ios 16 1 1

  • Send your location using ‌iPhone‌ supported by places without cellular or Wi-Fi networks.
  • Send your location via satellite.
  • This friend sent you his location via satellite because he has no other network available.
  • The location can be sent back after X amount of time.
  • X hours ago – The last time your location was sent.
  • You can now send text messages to emergency services via satellite on your ‌iPhone‌.
  • The iPhone could try to use a satellite to send text messages to emergency services. When it’s safe, get out of the car and follow the ‌iPhone‌ instructions.
  • ‌iPhone‌ sends text messages to emergency services via satellite.

Toggle AirPods Pro 2 باللمس Touch Control

iOS 16.1 beta adds a new feature that enables touch volume control in a file AirPods Pro 2 to be disabled.


Preload in-app content

After downloading an application from a file App StoreSometimes there is additional content to download when you first open it, especially if it is a large application. With iOS 16.1, there is a toggle to automatically run newly downloaded apps in the background to download content before you launch them for the first time.

iOS 16

The setting is enabled by default and can be found in the Settings app under “App Store”> In-App Content.

book app

In the Books app, reader controls are automatically hidden when you start reading.

Bug fixes

The iOS 16.1 update includes a number of bug fixes.

  • Deleted conversations may appear in the conversation list in Messages
  • “Dynamic Island” content is not available when using Accessibility
  • Carplay Connection may fail when using VPN app

Other new features

Do you know a new feature in iOS 16.1 that we left behind? Let us know in the comments below.

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