iOS 16.1 update will bring Fitness+ to more Apple users

iOS 16.1 update will bring Fitness+ to more Apple users

iOS 16.1 update will bring Fitness+ to more Apple users

  • Apple announced the release of iOS 16.1 in a press release on Thursday.
  • Starting Monday, iPhone users can update their phones to access Apple Fitness+’s workout subscription service.
  • The update will also include “Clean Energy Charging” and “Live Activities” features.

iPhone users are getting another operating system update Monday that will bring a fitness subscription, clean energy charging, and more to their devices.

Apple announced on Thursday In a press release iOS 16.1 is on the way to following the release iOS 16 launch in September. The most notable feature in the company’s latest update is access to Apple’s Fitness+, which was previously only available to Apple Watch owners.

Fitness+ is Apple’s workout subscription service that offers users guided exercises and meditations for $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year, but Apple says it offers three months of service free with the purchase of a new iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV.

“We created Fitness+ to be the most comprehensive and welcoming fitness service in the world, and the response from our users has been overwhelmingly positive,” Jay Blahnik, Apple’s Vice President of Fitness Technologies said in the release.

Within Fitness+, a new exercise program – titled Yoga for Every Runner – is presented along with an Artist Spotlight series and new fitness sets to choose from.

Apple has partnered with Target, UnitedHealthcare, Mobile Health and SilverSneakers to offer exclusive privileges to Fitness+ users. Members of Target’s loyalty program, Target Circle, will get a free four-month trial of Fitness+, according to release.

According to the release, the feature will already be integrated into the Fitness app on your Apple device.

The tech giant also introduces a “Clean Energy Charging” feature that users can turn on and off in their settings, CNBC Reports. In an image shared by CNBC, the description explains the feature under the on/off switch.

“In your area, the iPhone will attempt to reduce your carbon footprint by selective charging when low-carbon electricity is available. The iPhone learns from your daily charging routine so it can reach a full charge before you need to use it,” it reads.

Users can also expect Live Activities to appear on their lock screen after updating to iOS 16.1. The feature will display information from third-party apps such as sports updates, food delivery order status or ride-sharing apps, according to a CNBC report.

An apple The iOS 16 September update introduced a new look For iPhone users’ lock screens and home screens along with the ability to unsend messages and schedule emails to be sent.

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