iOS 16.2 Asks Users to Comment on Emergency SOS

iOS 16.2 Asks Users to Comment on Emergency SOS

iOS 16.2 Asks Users to Comment on Emergency SOS

Apple released on Tuesday iOS 16.2 first beta version For developers, it comes with some new features – especially for iPad users. And when it comes to the iPhone, Apple has added an intriguing new option that lets users notify the company when Emergency SOS is inadvertently triggered.

Apple wants to know when Emergency SOS is triggered accidentally

As noted before iDeviceHelp Also confirmed it 9to5MacIn iOS 16.2, beta now asks users for their feedback when canceling Emergency SOS mode. The system displays a notification that opens the Feedback Assistant to send Apple data about what happened at that moment. Did you intentionally turn on Emergency SOS on your iPhone? You read the message.

For those unfamiliar, Emergency SOS It is a feature introduced years ago in iOS that allows users to quickly call emergency services simply by holding down the iPhone buttons for a few seconds. With iPhone 14, Emergency SOS is integrated with Fault detectionwhich uses iPhone sensors to identify car accidents and automatically call emergency services.

Coincidentally, the new feature to send feedback comes after canceling Emergency SOS after The Wall Street Journal I mentioned last month that Crash Detection was mistakenly called to emergency services When iPhone and Apple Watch users were riding a roller coaster. However, the report was later updated to show that users were in fact accidentally pressing device buttons to trigger the Emergency SOS.

Of course, it’s certainly interesting to see that Apple is interested in getting feedback about the feature to improve it and avoid false positives.

More about iOS 16.2

In addition to comments for Emergency SOS, iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 introduce the new Freeform app — announced in June at WWDC 2022. This app allows users to write and draw together on a collaborative canvas.

The updates also come with improvements to the Home app and Live Activities. For iPad users, iPadOS 16.2 enables external display support with Stage Manager. However, it is not clear at this point when the update will become publicly available.

Did you notice any other changes in the iOS 16.2 beta 1 release today? Let us know in the comments below or at Twitter @9to5Mac.

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iOS 16.2 Asks Users to Comment on Emergency SOS

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