Is the Apple iPad 10 waterproof? Does the tablet have an IP rating?

Is the Apple iPad 10 waterproof?  Does the tablet have an IP rating?

Is the Apple iPad 10 waterproof? Does the tablet have an IP rating?

Apple launched the entry-level iPad 10 in October 2022, equipped with a completely refreshed chassis and an upgraded A14 Bionic processor. Thanks to the redesign, users can now take advantage of the flat edges and rounded corners of the screen. Don’t let the flat edges fool you into believing it supports the Apple Pencil 2. The iPad 10, despite dropping the Lightning port, still only supports the Apple Pencil 1, and only via a dongle. Speaking of the redesign, the iPad 10 comes in four bold colors to choose from – silver, pink, blue and yellow.

This is a lot, so you might be wondering if you should buy an iPad 10. There are other considerations, such as whether it is waterproof. Should it buy a suitcase for that protection? Here’s what you need to know.

The iPad 10 is neither IP rated nor waterproof

Before diving in, let’s clear up a common misconception. Most of the electronic devices you come across today are waterproof, not waterproof. So, no, the iPad 10 is not waterproof.

If you want to know how waterproof a device is, you need to look at the IP rating, which reflects the dust and water resistance of a particular product. Apple includes an IP rating on some of its devices, such as newer iPhone models. Water resistance, like many things in life, decreases over time. So while the device may be water resistant when new, that could change in the future. So always treat your devices as if they are not water resistant. Leave the resistance as a plan B, in case you accidentally spill liquid on it.

Now that you know that the iPad 10 is not waterproof, let’s see if it has an IP rating. As of 2022, Apple still hasn’t released any IP-rated iPad models. That doesn’t mean it’s completely unprotected from the elements, as most devices have some degree of protection, but it does mean that submerging it in water or liquid is likely to damage it. In short, keep it away from water.

To clean the screen, use a damp cloth that doesn’t actually soak the iPad in water. If you accidentally spill water on iPad 10, turn it off and let it dry for a few hours.

However, you should always be careful with your devices, regardless of the IP rating. You wouldn’t want to ruin your new one great iPad immediately after purchase.

    The iPad 10 represents a complete overhaul of the chassis and offers four bold colors. It packs an A14 Bionic chip and supports the Apple Pencil 1.

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