Kelowna’s Oranj Fitness announces closure due to pandemic – Kelowna News

Kelowna’s Oranj Fitness announces closure due to pandemic – Kelowna News

Kelowna’s Oranj Fitness announces closure due to pandemic – Kelowna News

Oranj Fitness in Kelowna has announced they are closing for good.

The Lawrence Avenue group fitness studio announced its closure on Facebook this week, citing the impacts of the pandemic.

“It’s no secret that COVID has been very hard on the fitness industry. I would say studios like us that have very large rental space and a lot of staff were the hardest hit. We closed six times due to government-mandated shutdowns and we’ve lost over 80 percent of our members.” , said owner Tina Joslin.

Joslin said he exhausted all financial options before announcing the closing.

“At the end of this summer, I could not pay royalties to our head office. On October 11, the head office revoked our license, and we are no longer allowed to operate under the Oranj brand. We have continued to work, outside of our franchise agreement, to have a proper farewell because I had. I couldn’t allow my 15-year-old business (of which I’ve owned eight) to be taken down overnight,” the post continued.

The only other Oranj gym in BC is now in Penticton, with others in Alberta.

“We’re trying to hang on, but we can’t anymore. I’m currently working with a broker to find a buyer to take over the space, assets and employees. We’re entertaining quite a few options and staying put. Hopefully there will be someone who will continue to work out of the space, but, of course, I can’t guarantee that will happen,” Joslin added.

Joslin is encouraging members to make the most of their classes and memberships before they close at the end of the month.

“At that point, if you have unused punch passes, fully paid memberships or unused personal training in the past year, you are eligible to contact us. [email protected] and receive a credit of three times the remaining value on our online offers,” he said.

Customers with autopay weekly or monthly memberships will prorate until the end of the month.

“After October 31st, no payments will come out. After October 31st, we will close the doors. If we have a new buyer at that time, you will be able to sign up with them,” Joslin added.

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