K’Sante’s full playability and League of Legends champion gear

K’Sante’s full playability and League of Legends champion gear

A new top laner is coming league of legendsand he is a terrifying opponent to face, but a helpful tank for his friends. K’Sante hails from a southern city-state in the Shurima region that remains independent from the Shurima and Ixtal empires, but is surrounded by deadly monsters. The people of Nazumah must fight these monsters in order to drink from the oasis, and they make the hides and bones of these monsters into armor and weapons. On Friday, Riot shared a cinematic trailer for this new champion and his abilities, but now we know his full set of abilities.

K’Sante is a Warden, which is a category of protective League support characters, who wields dual weapons made from regenerative monster skin. When he uses his ultimate, he transforms into a Skirmisher and gains abilities that allow him to dive and hunt down enemies.

Ultimate: All Out (R) – K’Sante smashes his weapon, dealing damage and knocking down an enemy champion. Enemies that hit the wall will take more damage, be thrown over the wall and be stunned for a short time. K’Sante chases his target and goes all out for a long time.

While K’Sante is fully, he transforms his abilities.

Fearless instinct (passive) – Damage abilities mark enemies. Attacking marked enemies deals damage. While All Out, Fearless Instinct deals additional maximum health damage.

Ntofo Strikes (Q) – K’Sante strikes a small area around him with his weapon. Targets hit are slowed. K’Sante gains a short stack for a short time when he hits an enemy. On two stacks, he fires a shockwave that pulls in enemies.

All Out, the cooldown of this ability has been reduced and is no longer slowed.

Pathmaker (W) – K’Sante enters a defensive stance, becoming unstoppable and reducing incoming damage. When released, it dashes forward, dealing a percentage of maximum physical damage to health, knocking back and stunning enemies it passes through for a short time based on charge time.

All Out: Pathmaker’s cooldown has been refreshed, reduced damage has been increased, and deals an additional amount of physical damage based on cooldown. Charge and movement speed are doubled.

footwork (E) – K’Sante rushes and gets a shield. If they charge towards an ally, they can charge further and give them a shield. All Out increases movement speed, range and allows him to go over walls.

K’Sante will be available in test areas for players to see if the new tank has any tweaks that need to be ironed out, but it will be live for league of legends players will pick up and play on November 3rd.

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