KYNC launches the newly designed Koinfold™ 2.0 mobile app now available for iPhone and Android

KYNC launches the newly designed Koinfold™ 2.0 mobile app now available for iPhone and Android

KYNC launches the newly designed Koinfold™ 2.0 mobile app now available for iPhone and Android

KYNC launches the newly designed Koinfold™ 2.0 mobile app now available for iPhone and Android

KYN Capital Group Inc.

CARSON CITY, NV, Oct 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire – KYN Capital Group (OTC: KYNC) is pleased to announce that in addition to its existing Android app, today KYNC is unveiling an iOS version to give you an all-new mobile wallet experience no matter what mobile platform you’re using.

The Apple iOS version has the following features:

Market Asset Scheme
• exchange market
• MoonPay integration
• Direct Messaging
• Create a token feature
• Swap pancakes
• NFT . Market

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies the fast and simple way on MoonPay – BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC and more. Get approved to buy cryptocurrency in minutes, not days. buy bitcoin. basic. 10+ million users. fast. Buy cryptocurrency. Choose from 75+ coins. Buy and sell NFTs on the BNB Smart Chain. with MoonPays integration, the set of features that stand out from this app includes the security of buying and selling cryptocurrencies in a secure wallet, with debit card, Apple Pay, credit cards and ACH all available.

Koinfold™ Pay Crypto Wallet is now integrated and works with this strong performance as well. Updates will be performed automatically when you open Koinfold™ 2.0. We are continuing to add more features to give an easy to use experience.

KYNC and our developer team have continued to provide, review and add to the app to give you the best Crypto wallet experience available. “We want our users to know that they are always on our minds and that we deliver on our promises,” says Rick Wilson, CEO of KYN Capital Group.

A free download of Koinfold™ 2.0 is available via Apple App Store or google apps. We’re also working on a computer version for macOS 1.0 and tvOS 1.0 for AppleTV.

About KYN Capital Group, Inc. (KYNC)

KYN Capital Group, Inc. (KYNC), a Nevada Corporation, is a leading holding company dedicated to being at the forefront of its industry and working on acquisitions in the entertainment, blockchain, cryptocurrency and contactless payment sectors. KYNC leverages the expertise of its team and highly skilled developers to create a cohesive force in shaping market and business strategies, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve to drive the company forward in the marketplace.

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