Listed here are all the abilities for Harbor, VALORANT’s latest controlling waterbending agent

Listed here are all the abilities for Harbor, VALORANT’s latest controlling waterbending agent

Riot Video games has formally launched the most recent agent within the ASSESSMENT with wonderful water bending talents.

Riot is about so as to add Harbor, a controlling agent that hails from India and has the power to control water in its content material, ASSESSMENT line up He makes use of historic expertise he discovered and purchased for himself, which made him a goal. However he is able to enter the battlefield.

Right here they’re all ASSESSMENT harbor expertise.

excessive tide (E)

Harbor’s signature means permits him to equip a wall of water utilizing the traditional expertise he wields. He can then shoot the plaster alongside the bottom, however the course of the wave will be manipulated and shifted by holding the fireplace.

Alternate fireplace will cease the wall early, whereas gamers hit by the wall are slowed down.

Bucket (Q)

His second means, Cove, will give Harbor the power to guard allies. He’ll use his water to guard allies because the smoke-like means will block bullets from enemies. The Cove means will activate as quickly because it hits the bottom. The flexibility will be stealthy and solid often.

Cascade (C)

His Cascade means will permit him to create a small wall of water that slows down enemies in the event that they get hit, much like Excessive Tide. However Cascade will be capable to roll via partitions and will be stopped whereas throwing.

Calculation (X)

Harbor’s final means will permit him to harness the complete energy of his facility. The calculation permits Harbor to create a pool of heat water on the bottom, and enemies caught within the pool are hit with a sequence of concussive blows.

Following its official unveiling this week, Harbor might be obtainable to play on Tuesday, October 18 alongside the discharge of ASSESSMENT Episode 5, Act Three.

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