Live Updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine

Live Updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine

Live Updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine

Live Updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine

More than military bases or transportation hubs in recent weeks, Russia was bombed Electricity and heating distribution networks in Ukraine.

As winter weeks approach, Russian missiles and drones have hit thermal power plants, power substations, transformers and pipelines. The result: blackouts, disruption of water pumping stations and widespread internet outages.

This is a terrorist act planned with the help of competent Russian energy experts, which is aimed at shutting down the energy system of Ukraine. To achieve a complete blackout in the country, Oleksandr Kharchenko, CEO of the Energy Research Center in Kyiv, said on Friday.

Show strategy: As Russian forces suffered losses in September and into this month, critics have appeared in state media urging Ukraine to plunge into a dark, freezing winter in retaliation. Now that seems to be the point.

The number of casualties is relatively few, but the damage is excessive. Energy infrastructure is a clear and consistent goal that is difficult to defend without an unusual set of area defences, which Ukraine was begging of its Western allies.

Maxim Timchenko, CEO of energy company DTEK, noted in a recent interview that Russia has been very selective in its targeting. He told Ekonomichna Pravda that the strikes were not aimed at capacity generation, but at distribution gears: switchgear and transformers, or output equipment at thermal power plants.

It is clear that the Ukrainian authorities are struggling to keep up with a longer list of required repairs this month, and some infrastructure remains beyond repair.

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