M2 Extreme Mac Pro due in 2023, MacBook Pro still in 2022

M2 Extreme Mac Pro due in 2023, MacBook Pro still in 2022

The new Mac Pro may be smaller than Intel’s last machine.

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After the launch of the iPhone and iPad, the impending Apple updates for the Mac were taken care of, but while it MacBook Pro Updates expected soon, a report claims that the Mac Pro update is still in the works for the 2023 release.

Apple has already covered most of its major products as part of its fall launch, with the Mac segment yet to see changes. as such Speculation escalates About Apple’s Mac updates, it looks like at least one product will arrive in 2023, rather than 2022.

According to Mark Gurman’s “Power On” newsletter for BloombergApple is preparing for it Apple silicone Mac Pro To replace the latest Intel Mac in the catalog. Even with increased internal testing, it is believed that the model will not come out in time for 2022, but will launch in 2023 instead.

The The new Mac Pro It will apparently have chips two to four times more powerful than the yet-to-be-released M2 Max, which can be called the M2 Ultra and M2 Extreme, as hinted at. in july. The chips can provide 24 or 48 CPU cores, as well as 76 to 152 graphics cores, and can accommodate up to 256 GB of memory.

Gurman says that one of the configurations being tested consists of a 24-core CPU with 16 performance cores and 8 efficiency cores, plus 76 graphics cores and 192 GB of memory.

On a short-term basis, Gurman also presents that MacBook Pro 14 inch And the MacBook Pro 16 inch It’s still up and running “within the coming months”, possibly around 2022. Options will include the M2 Pro and M2 Max, the latter of which is believed to have 12 cores including 8 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores, as well as 38 graphics cores and so on. Up to 64 GB of memory.

The Mac mini Also memorable, as it is believed to include an extension M2 chip. Although Apple has tested the M2 Pro version, Gurman doesn’t say whether Apple will go ahead with the model.

The The new Mac mini He is also rumored to have a file design fixIncluding a thinner aluminum body with a plexiglass-like top cover, and two rubber feet.

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