Man assaults girl after cell phone battery dies: Mayfield Heights Police Blotter

Man assaults girl after cell phone battery dies: Mayfield Heights Police Blotter


Attack: Marsol Road

On Oct. 10, a woman reported that her boyfriend threatened and assaulted her at her apartment that morning after his cell phone battery died and he couldn’t charge it because his charger broke.

She said he also smashed a TV and laptop computer, sprayed Windex on her face and threw spaghetti at her.

She said he then pointed a gun at her and threatened to kill her if she called the police.

The Cleveland man, 25, was later tracked through an ankle monitor at his home. He was arrested and charged with criminal damage, aggravated menacing, assault and possession of a weapon while under disability.

Harassment: Landerboork Drive

On October 11, the man said that he was harassed at the post office by an unknown man, who later tried to run him off the road with a vehicle.

The suspect’s vehicle has not been identified. The incident is documented.

Disturbance: Marshfield Road

On Oct. 9, a man said he was almost hit by a vehicle while walking his dog.

He said he yelled at the driver, who stopped, got out of the vehicle and mentioned a gun.

The responsible officers contacted the registered owner of the vehicle. That man said his son was driving the vehicle. They were able to talk to the son and learned that it was not a weapon or a threat to use it.

Theft from motor vehicle: Mayfield Road

A catalytic converter was reported stolen from a car at Gerber Collision on October 12th. The car had been parked in the company’s fenced yard since September 28.

Weapons offense: SOM Center Road

On October 11, a high school teacher discovered a pellet gun in a student’s book bag.

A 12-year-old boy said a friend had given him the gun at a McDonald’s two days earlier when police responded there to look for a missing Mayfield boy.

Officers spoke with the friend, who admitted the gun was his. He said he had it for protection because he thought he would be jumped by the missing boy or his friends.

The parents of those involved were informed about the incident. The boy who was found with the gun is expected to be charged with bringing a weapon into school without permission in juvenile court.

Theft from motor vehicle: Marsol Road

On Oct. 8, a resident reported that the rear passenger side window of his car at the Drake Apartments was broken and $100 in cash and a box of ammunition were stolen from it.

He said it happened sometime in the past few days while he was away working as a truck driver.

General Assistance: Maplewood Road

A woman, 27, reported on Oct. 11 that the father of her child physically abused her on three occasions in the past three months at their home in Golden Gate Gardens.

She said she and her child have since left the apartment and are living with her mother. She just wanted the incident documented.

Scam: Ranchland Drive

On Oct. 6, a woman said she was the victim of a scam when she tried to buy a puppy online.

She said she paid $800 via Apple Pay and the alleged seller has since blocked her from sending emails.

An application has been submitted for banking purposes.

Theft: Mayfield Road

A man stole beer from a BP 7-Eleven on Oct. 6 and told officers he and his wife had fallen on hard times.

Due to the incident, the man and his 51-year-old wife were only given a warning for trespassing, but the woman was arrested on an active traffic warrant in the city.

Criminal damaging: Maplewood Road

The woman’s vehicle was found with all the tires slashed at Arbor Court Apartments on October 6. The victim could not suggest who might have caused the damage.

Theft: Mayfield Road

A BP 7-Eleven employee was found to have fraudulently inserted two $200 Visa gift cards through the store’s card reader after it was used by a customer on Oct. 12.

His actions allowed the card reader to charge the customer’s credit card, even though the customer never surrendered the card. That customer alerted the store to the scam and decided to press charges against a 46-year-old South Euclid man for credit card abuse and theft.

The store owner did not press charges because the man was a family member and agreed to make restitution.

The arrested man said he had already used the gift cards to buy a laptop at a Walmart store.

Disturbance: Mayfield Road

A Cork N’ Bottle employee reported on Oct. 28 that a man was refusing to leave after purchasing alcohol and giving it to underage customers.

Responding officers determined that the man had already left work and that staff were able to return the alcohol.

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