Manatee County nonprofits see an influx of residents needing help

Manatee County nonprofits see an influx of residents needing help

Manatee County nonprofits see an influx of residents needing help

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) — Non-profit organization Turning Points said they have 10 to 12 new residents every day in need of assistance at their day-to-day resource center. The center gives residents access to basic necessities such as showers, computer access, receiving food, laundry services, and even receiving their mail. Director of Development Margie Dawson said the organization is also seeing a 50 percent increase in applications for housing needs.

“We have customers coming in where their rent is increasing by $500 a month and they’re already struggling to meet that monthly payment,” Dawson said. “So now, they have to move because now they can’t and so they are looking for more affordable options and that too is not available.”

According to Dawson, this is a multi-dimensional problem that includes the fallout from COVID, inflation, increased rent prices and Hurricane Ian. The storm displaced many families and residents and, according to Dawson, those who lost their homes are now making their way to Manatee County in need of assistance.

A resident visiting Turning Points was picking up a check to help pay a security deposit for a new apartment. Karen Alf was living in her car for 28 days before finding an apartment to live in. According to Alf, she won’t be able to afford it on her own, and will have to choose four walls and a roof instead of food without turning points. , water and clothes.

“It’s a relief to me because if I paid this, I wouldn’t have been able to eat you, no money,” Alf said. “They took every penny to get me there.”

Alf is not alone, according to Dawson, with 1,000 people coming to Turning Point each month for aid in the months of August and September. She said that half of those who came were newcomers to the organization.

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