Manzanita Outreach’s food assistance website exceeds 100,000 views

Manzanita Outreach’s food assistance website exceeds 100,000 views

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In 2020, Manzanita Outreach created a simple, customized website,, in hopes of removing the confusion about when and where to get food assistance. The website centralizes information across organizations and cities so people can find help quickly and reliably. With a few clicks, anyone can see exactly when and where food is available in Yavapai County.

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Manzanita Outreach Executive Director Ben Burke shows the home page of

Before the pandemic, food assistance services were very fragmented in our county, with various food pantries typically distributing food one day per week, all at different times of the day in different locations.

Manzanita wanted to identify the reasons why people are still hungry despite the abundance of pantries and food assistance programs. Through their research, they analyzed a large gap in the community.

“When we analyzed our local network, we saw that people don’t have consistent access to food because they’re just confused,” explains Ben Burke, executive director of Manzanita Outreach. “The obvious solution was really just organizing the resources we already have in the community and making that information available.”

In less than three years, has surpassed 100,000 page views receiving praise from individuals and social service providers. The website has sparked interest in creating similar centralized resources for other social services in our community.

To find food assistance near you, visit the website If you want more information about other services, please visit

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