Meta Quest Pro review: For those with more money than meaning

Meta Quest Pro review: For those with more money than meaning

Meta Quest Pro review: For those with more money than meaning

Meta Quest Pro review: For those with more money than meaning
Zoom / Looks like a million dollars…or 1500 at least…

At this point in the history of marketing tech products, consumers generally know what it means when a company sticks the word “Pro” at the end of a device name. From IPAD And the AirPods to me Microsoft Service And the Galaxy Watch‘Pro’ models generally offer the same hardware and platform base with a few ‘cool’ features among the top features for enthusiastic users who want the best experience.

To get these professional features, consumers generally have to pay a “professional premium” of 25 to 60 percent over the most expensive “non-professional” model of the same product. Even the biggest pro version outliers that we can find in the tech world hardly outperform their non-professional predecessors by 100 percent.

Despite the name, the MetaQuest Pro They don’t really belong in the same realm of marketing as these earlier “professional” products. Meta’s new standalone VR headset costs 1500 dollars At launch, a whopping 275 percent increase over 400 dollars Its predecessor, Meta Quest 2 (which It has been sold well for a market segment that is still young). The premium goes up to 400 percent if you compare the Quest Pro to the $300 Meta was asking you for Quest 2 Just a few months ago.

This kind of price increase justifiably sets high expectations for the new device. A product that costs nearly four times as much as its predecessor needed to deliver some truly unique and luxurious features that early adopters feel they can’t live without. For that price premium, this must be the kind of upgrade that makes people wonder how they felt good about the old model in the first place.

look to my eye
Zoom / look to my eye

This is definitely not the case here. New Quest Pro features such as a full-color traffic camera and the ability to read a user’s facial expressions feel very experimental and uninhibited for a rectangular product. And while there are obvious improvements in comfort and screen clarity here, it’s less of an impact than we’d expect for the price (and frankly, over time since the Quest 2’s 2020 launch).

After spending a few days with the Quest Pro retail unit, we’re left wondering who exactly this product is.

feeling good man

Headphone specifications
Quest Pro Quest 2
Weight 722 grams 503 grams
the decision (per eye) 1800 x 1920 1800 x 1920
refresh rate 90 Hz 90 Hz
field of view (h) 106 degrees 104 degrees
field of view (Fifth) 96 degrees 98 degrees
Healer Snapdragon XR2 + Snapdragon XR2
RAM 12 GB 6 GB
internal storage 256GB 128 GB

After opening your $1,500 package, putting the Quest Pro on your head feels distinctly nicer than wearing any of the previous Quest headphones. The flimsy “ski goggles” strap that locked those old headphones to your face has been replaced by two semi-spherical pads, one that rests on your forehead and one that clamps to the back of your skull with an easy-to-use dial.

Rather than resting heavily over the bridge of your nose, the Quest Pro’s display comfortably hovers directly in front of your face at a distance that can be easily adjusted using its dial. This is a marked improvement — with most of the weight resting on the front, the unit feels safer and better balanced than previous Quest headphones, especially during extended use.

However, the Quest Pro does not achieve the ideal of “wear it all day” that some VR augmenters might hope for. The 722-gram headphones (which is significantly heavier than the stock Quest 2) start to appear on your forehead after an hour, especially when your forehead is wrinkled or your eyebrows are moved. However, I found this pressure very bearable—I wasn’t tearing the headset off in pain after 60 minutes or anything—and it was definitely better than the more significant pressure around the eyes and nose of previous Quest headphones.

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