Metaverse is a “poorly built video game”

Metaverse is a “poorly built video game”

Metaverse is a “poorly built video game”

  • Xbox chief Phil Spencer compared the metaverse to a “poorly built video game” and a “living room”.
  • “It’s not how I want to spend my time,” he said at a conference on Wednesday.
  • But he added that the metaverse is in an “early stage” and will “evolve”.

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Xbox, is not a fan of the metaverse — at least in its current form.

Spencer Compare Metaverse to a “poorly built video game” during the Wall Street Journal’s Tech Live conference on Wednesday, but admitted it would “evolve.”

“It’s a poorly designed video game today,” Spencer said. “Building a metaverse like a living room is not the way I want to spend my time. What I see in the metaverse is that we are at an early stage and this is going to evolve.”

Spencer’s comments could be a dig at Meta’s efforts to build the metaverse, which was It was criticized for poor graphics earlier this year. The metaverse, in general, is a virtual world that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes is the next stage of the Internet.

The company formerly known as Facebook reported its third-quarter earnings on Wednesday, and Zuckerberg doubled down on his commitment to his passion project — Despite pouring billions of dollars into it Meta’s stock price is down 70% this year.

Microsoft, which owns Xbox, has struggled to enter the metaverse, according to A The Wall Street Journal report Posted on Wednesday. Its HoloLens augmented reality headset has yet to be discovered, and the team behind it has lost more than 100 employees in two years, according to the WSJ.

Microsoft told the Wall Street Journal that it remains “committed to all aspects of mixed reality and metaverse”.

In the meantime, Spencer has other ideas for the future of gaming that she doesn’t include yet.

Notably, he reiterated in August to Bloomberg that He believes that crossplay is the futureand that games designed exclusively for one console are “something we’ll only see a little bit of.”

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