Microsoft has a PC Manager app to free up system resources and promote Edge

Microsoft has a PC Manager app to free up system resources and promote Edge

Microsoft has a PC Manager app to free up system resources and promote Edge

Screenshots of a previous version of Microsoft PC Manager show that it might be used to delete temporary files and prompt you to switch browsers.

Microsoft has a new app called PC Manager, which will give users an overview of the health of their system. The app can help users clean temporary files, manage their running apps, and monitor updates, all in the same place. Screenshots of the app were shared online by Twitter user Aggiornamenti Lumia, who often shares early looks at Microsoft products in development.

Judging by the screenshots, the app has two main sections. The cleaning The tab allows temporary files including things like system logs to be discovered and deleted to free up space. Of course, this isn’t really new considering that you can actually clean up your files using the Settings app. Likewise, the app lets you see running processes to see what might be using system resources, something you usually do with the task manager. It can also suggest disabling some apps from running at startup in order to improve performance.

The protection The tab allows you to check for potential security threats on your computer and ensure that it has the latest updates from Windows Update. There is, too Browser Protection The option is here, which seems to be the best with this app.

Aside from bringing all of these capabilities within the same app, this appears to be another way Microsoft is trying to get users to switch to its Edge browser. In fact, when suggesting actions to take to improve your computer’s performance, one of the screenshots shows that one of the “potential issues” that may need to be fixed is to return the default browser to Edge.

Of course, there are still useful features here, and many users may appreciate having a central hub to manage their computers and ensure they run smoothly. However, most of the app’s potential is found elsewhere Windows 11so this appears to be another way for Microsoft to try to convince users to switch to Edge.

It looks like the PC Manager app has been available in China for a while now, and you can actually download it here. But as Aggiornamenti Lumia explained in a later tweetThe app has been submitted to the Microsoft Store, which could see it become more widely available. We’ll have to wait and see if Microsoft tries to promote the app to Windows 11 users.

The article has been updated to indicate that the PC Manager app is not entirely new and was already available in China before today. We apologize for the omission.

source: Lumia Updates (Twitter)

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