Microsoft is said to be looking for Genshin Impact from Xbox

Microsoft is said to be looking for Genshin Impact from Xbox

Microsoft is said to be looking for Genshin Impact from Xbox

Microsoft wants to build more partnerships with Chinese developers in a bid to catch up with Sony’s projects in the industry in China, according to reports.

Industry sources, talk to Reutershe said, that Microsoft is dealing with both large and independent studios with deals to put its games on Game Pass.

Sources said Sony’s success with Genshin Impact and its developer miHoYo is the reason Microsoft wants to expand.

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According to an insider, Microsoft “spoke to miHoYo early on [Genshin Impact]The company developed but did not reach a deal. She “regrets the loss of Genshin Impact which “made Sony a lot of money” according to a second insider, and is careful not to repeat the same mistake.

For reference, Genshin Impact is reported to have generated $3.7 billion in revenue on mobile (via sensor tower), in the past two years since its release, is slightly less than the previously expected $4 billion mayo.

The free-to-play game is currently available on PlayStation consoles, PC, and mobile, but not on Xbox consoles.

Chinese developers say they are drawn to Microsoft’s deals because of its “big money offers” and its motivation to put “multiplayer and cross-platform games” on Game Pass.

Speaking to Reuters, one of the executives said Microsoft offered their studio a deal “many times bigger” to develop a sequel, compared to what they received from placing their previous title on Game Pass. Recreate Games CEO Luo Zixiong, the company behind Xbox-exclusive Party Animals, said Microsoft is reaching out to many different studios in China.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also looking to increase the number of its Western studios as the Activision Blizzard acquisition deal continues to be judged by regulators around the world. Although it was approved in Brazilin the UK a The second stage of the investigation recently started.

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