More than a third of smart home device owners experienced technical difficulties in 2022

More than a third of smart home device owners experienced technical difficulties in 2022

More than a third of smart home device owners experienced technical difficulties in 2022

New whitepaper developed in partnership with Rootthis addresses the impact of self-service tools on user experience and provider support costs

Dallas, October 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — More than a third of smart home device owners experienced technical difficulties in 2022, in the latest Consumer Research Report from Parks Associates. new white paper, Self Service Help: Improving Home AutomationDeveloped in partnership with Rootthis, addresses the support needs in connected homes at the network and device level and strategies to address technical issues.

“The growing technical difficulties with smart home devices are felt most by those who use smart home devices at a higher rate,” said jennifer canto, VP, Research, Park Associates. “Data from Park Associates shows that heads of households aged 35-44 are most likely to experience technical problems with their devices. This age group is also strongly influenced by higher-than-average rates of smart home device ownership. is related to.”

The whitepaper also reports that 21% of those who encountered a technical issue with a smart home device used a self-help application with the device to resolve the issue; This is almost double the rate of self-help app usage in 2018. Smart home and connected device owners use a number of options to resolve technical issues with their devices. In fact, 91% of smart home device owners who experience technical problems with their devices will try at least one self-help approach.

“The reality is that smart home brands today need to specialize in Wi-Fi diagnostics,” said Jason Moore, CEO, Rootdis. “Given that Wi-Fi troubleshooting can be a complicated and time-consuming process, you may end up with this broken cycle where neither the consumer nor the smart home brand gets the resolution they want. Looking for. This can lead to repeated calls from disappointed customers, negative reviews and product returns.”

With a specific focus on testing and diagnosing Wi-Fi problems, with clear guidance on how to fix a specific problem, users need tools to understand what specific issues are related to their network and devices. are affecting. To that end, self-help apps and solutions with advanced diagnostic features have experienced strong growth over the past four years.

“Consumers clearly desire a self-help approach first, but more effective tools are needed to solve problems on their own,” Kent said.

Self Service Help: Improving Home Automation available for download. To request data or an interview, please contact rosy sera Feather [email protected]972.996.0233.

About Park Associates

Parks Associates, a female-owned and female-led internationally recognized market research and consulting company, specializes in emerging technology solutions serving the consumer and small to medium business (SMB) markets. Your 35. celebratingth In the year 2021, Parks Associates is a partner for companies navigating the changing consumer technology landscape through data-driven market insights, comprehensive consumer and industry intelligence, custom marketing services and executive networking experiences and conferences.

The company’s expertise includes home automation, control systems and security, digital media and platforms, entertainment and gaming, home networks, Internet and video services, connected health and independent living solutions, mobile applications and services, support services, consumer electronics and energy management. Huh. Solution.

About Rootthis

RootThis, a leading platform for diagnosing and troubleshooting in-home WiFi connectivity issues, is changing the way smart home brands deploy, manage and support connected homes. We provide agent- and subscriber-facing tools tailored specifically for smart home brands to help your devices perform to their full potential. Through device diagnostics, automated troubleshooting and customer education, Rootthis helps your support team reduce product returns, improve handling times, and turn customers into brand ambassadors.

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