Motorola working on two RAZRs for 2023 to take the fight to Samsung?

Motorola working on two RAZRs for 2023 to take the fight to Samsung?

Motorola working on two RAZRs for 2023 to take the fight to Samsung?

Samsung may be the king of the foldable smartphone market, but it’s not the only manufacturer that makes foldable phones. Several Chinese manufacturers are also making foldable phones, including Motorola, which has resurrected its massive RAZR brand to launch its first convenient foldable phone in 2019.

However, the new Moto RAZR failed due to the high price associated with a surprisingly outdated device (for example, it featured a single 16MP rear camera and a small 2500mAh battery), and simply couldn’t compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Z. Faces.

Motorola then launched another RAZR phone with a foldable screen earlier this year. While this newer model is cheaperIts price is still higher than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4, which gave the 2022 Moto RAZR a quarter-less, and it conquered sales charts.

But according to a new rumorLooks like Motorola has a plan. The Lenovo-owned manufacturer appears to be hoping to eat up Samsung’s market share by releasing not one but two new foldable phones next year. Motorola is said to be working on new RAZR phones codenamed Juno and Venus for 2023.

While the specifications of these phones are currently unknown, if Motorola can bring the asking price down further and bring it in line with Samsung’s foldable phones, it could cause problems for the latter. Well, “problem” is probably a very strong word, but it can certainly help Motorola grow its presence in the foldable market even more.

Of course competition is always good, because it ends up benefiting the consumer in the end. However, Samsung probably won’t be too happy about the whole situation if Motorola launches two RAZR phones next year. Motorola can basically have the first advantage by releasing one of the two phones in the first half of next year, because Samsung will likely wait until the second half of 2023 to launch the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Whatever the case, this rumor indicates that the fight – One even Oppo is trying to participate in – for a piece of the foldable portion pie might heat up next year. We’ll have to wait and see how much Motorola will be able to make, but there are definitely some interesting times ahead as the foldable segment continues to grow, and Samsung may want to prepare well. to stay ahead of its competitors.

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