MW2 weapon setting disabled

MW2 weapon setting disabled

MW2 weapon setting disabled

If players have difficulty using or can’t find weapon settings in MW2, it’s because the feature is temporarily disabled.

Weapon setting disabled

Weapon tuning has been disabled due to a bug that crashes the game for players who have five attachments on their weapons. There is currently no ETA regarding enabling weapon tuning.

Opening requirements

Just because it’s disabled now doesn’t mean it won’t come back. The weapon tuning feature can be unlocked by owning the required weapon at the first maximum level. Once this is achieved, the player must head to the gunsmith. With any compatible weapons, any accessories can be equipped and tuned according to the player’s preferences.

gun stats

When setting the following attributes can be set during tuning:

to treat

  • Better reload speed and weapon switching speed.


  • The amount of damage the weapon can do.

Rate of fire

  • The rate at which the gun can fire.


  • The total speed of the player’s movement.


  • The distance at which the gun can hit targets. More range means targets can be hit from afar.

recoil control

  • Controls the vibration of the weapon when firing. The more controlled the recoil, the more stable the target.


  • Increases shooting accuracy in the hip

ADS speed

  • How can you target battles.

Aim at walking speed

  • Movement speed while aiming down.

Designed to stabilize idle

  • Stable shooting while not moving.

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