NAB launches Easy Tap, a mobile payment acceptance solution

NAB launches Easy Tap, a mobile payment acceptance solution

NAB launches Easy Tap, a mobile payment acceptance solution

Bank based in Australia NAB has introduced Easy Tap to enable small businesses to accept contactless payments on their smartphones or tablets.

NAB has launched phone payment technology for small businesses to accept contactless payments when customers tap their card or phone on an eligible Android mobile phone or tablet.

Simplifying payments for merchants

The bank aims to make it easier for small businesses to run and develop their business. Company officials have spoken to hundreds of small business owners across Australia, and the themes are clear: they want time back and they want their banking to be simple and digital.

NAB Easy Tap removes complexity and provides real-time sales data through NAB Hive trading portal, which saves small business owners valuable time. With research revealing that small business owners continue to cite time and administration as significant pressures, the solution offers an all-in-one product that’s fast and easy to use.

NAB launches Easy Tap, a mobile payment acceptance solution

NAB supports the ConnectID identity verification solution

In September 2022, the bank started operating return the ConnectID digital identity ecosystem to support Australians to verify their identity in e-commerce, utilities, banking and other services and strengthen fraud protection.

When, for example, you sign up for a new mobile phone package or other service, identity data will only be accessed when the user initiates a transaction, authenticates using their regular bank login and provides explicit consent. Using a digital identity would also help users protect themselves from the growing threat of cybercrime.

NAB worked closely with the newly formed Australian Payments Plus (AP+), the consolidation of domestic payment organizations BPAY, eftpos and NPP Australia and other banks on the ‘ConnectID’ digital identity solution. Through it, NAB will play a key role in the network as a trusted identity provider, verifying the identity of users with their consent whenever they need to verify their identity online. ConnectID will begin commercial trials in late 2022, with all Australians having access from mid-2023.

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