New Apple leak reveals iPhone 15 design shock

New Apple leak reveals iPhone 15 design shock

New Apple leak reveals iPhone 15 design shock

10/31 update below. This post was originally published on October 29

Apple iPhone 15 line-up tends to make it Big changes externally and internallybut now a really remarkable design change has been leaked.

According to a respected analyst Ming Chi KuoApple will replace the volume and power buttons on premium iPhone 15 models with solid-state (fixed) buttons that provide feedback via haptic motors. We already know her code name.

Last month, an unknown swarm shrimp He tweeted that Apple is working on an iPhone without a physical button. Project code name “Bongo”. The lack of context around the timeframe led to it being widely overlooked, and written off by many as years later. But Koe changed all that.

“My latest survey indicates that the volume button and power button of two high-end new iPhone models of the iPhone 15/2H23 may adopt a solid-state button design (similar to that of the iPhone 7/8/SE2 & 3) home button design replacing the physical button/ The mechanic,” Koo explains.

Kuo says Apple will fit Taptic Engines (the company’s brand of tactile engines) on the left and right inner sides of the new iPhones, which provide powerful feedback “to make users feel like they’re pressing physical buttons.” Interestingly, Kuo mentions that he also expects premium Android smartphones to quickly adopt this design.

Update 31/10: Writing in his recent Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman He threw his weight behind the arrival of USB-C to the iPhone 15 lineup, and described how Apple will offer the switch to customers.

“While Apple appears to be bitter that government is interfering with its product roadmap, the transition from Lightning to USB-C is actually a good thing for consumers,” Gorman says.

While Apple hasn’t specifically confirmed that it will fix the USB-C port for the new iPhones, Gurman says they will actually arrive on iPhone 15 models, which means it will be for the full range rather than the exclusive Pro/Ultra, as some leaks claim.

“You can bet that when Apple announces the iPhone 15, the change won’t qualify as government interference,” Gorman says. “It will be presented as a way to simplify charging across iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.” This is undoubtedly true, albeit somewhat deceptive, given that Apple could have switched iPhones to USB-C years ago — after all, Apple itself was involved in developing the standard.

When the lighting was first introduced in September 2012, its compact, reversible nature justified its presence on the irregular micro USB. But that argument lost weight with the arrival of USB-C and it became ubiquitous on iPads and Macs, leading to a self-imposed break in the company’s charging solutions.

While the concept sounds strange, it makes sense. Apple is very experienced with haptic engines, having successfully implemented this sensory illusion trick with MacBook touchpads since 2015. The company also scaled back its haptic engines to offer “3D Touch” on the iPhone 6S but failed to make its functionality intuitive, eventually killing the feature. with iPhone 11.

This was a rare example of Apple making great hardware but failing to find a software app, so its comeback seems fitting. Moving parts also have a higher malfunction risk, so moving should increase reliability and reduce repair costs. It may also increase water resistance. This technology can be expanded to deliver DualSense-like feedback in games, due to the presence of motors on both sides of the two phones.

Some questions remain, such as how the cases will work (the cutouts might sound weird), but it seems like a very positive move overall. Combine this with leaks claiming that Apple will introduce the iPhone 15 Ultra with Ultra-strong titanium bodyAnd the Dual front camerasa USB-C port with Thunderbolt 4along with a New design for iPhone 15 standard models And the excitement seems to be returning to iPhones in 2023.

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