New game Final Fantasy VII Remake announced

New game Final Fantasy VII Remake announced

New game Final Fantasy VII Remake announced

Final Fantasy VII Remake will get some sort of board game adaptation. Square Enix announced that they are working on some kind of adaptation Final Fantasy VII Remake in the Essen Spiel earlier this month. This will be an “original board game” designed by Square Enix, but no other details have been announced other than that the games are “coming soon.” Square Enix is ​​also developing a board game version Chocobo’s Dungeon, which is due to be released in 2023. This would be the first official one Final Fantasy A manufactured board game that was not licensed Monopoly the game.

Square Enix has rebooted Final Fantasy VII as a full video game franchise back in 2020, releasing to critical acclaim Final Fantasy VII Remake as the first part of a planned series of games. Enhanced version of the game – Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade – was released in 2021, while the game’s sequel is slated for release in 2023 or 2024. Several spinoff games have also been released, including Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier and remastered by Crisis Core, aptly titled Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion. Various Final Fantasy VII characters have also appeared in other video games, including a recent one Super Smash Bros.

Square Enix also publishes a Final Fantasy a card game that uses multiple characters Final Fantasy games including Final Fantasy VII. The company also publishes several others The final Fantasy-themed games, including multiple Chocobo games.

Expect more details about this news Final Fantasy VII spinoff game in the coming months.

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