November ‘Free’ Games Leaked With Amazon Prime Gaming

November ‘Free’ Games Leaked With Amazon Prime Gaming

November ‘Free’ Games Leaked With Amazon Prime Gaming

The next batch of ‘free’ titles will be shown on Amazon It looks like Prime Gaming members have dropped out.

According to the highly reliable Dealabs user and leaker car onlyPrime Gaming’s November lineup will include seven free games.

It is said to include Fallout New Vegas, WRC 9, and The Last Day of June.

The full list of games said to be shown on Prime Gaming in November is as follows:

  • Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition
  • WRC 9: FIA World Rally Championship
  • The last day of June
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • Etherborn
  • willow whisper
  • Attachment 47

Prime Gaming, which is included with an Amazon Prime subscription, is offered to new members computer Titles to keep and exclusive in-game content every month.

Includes free games collection October 2022, still available to claim at the time of writing fallout 76and Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Total War: Warhammer II, Glass Masquerade, Loom, Hero’s Hour, and Horace.

Amazon Prime Gaming also introduced free in-game content cuts in October for titles including Smite and pubg battlefields fate 2, FIFA 22 and Paladins.

According to Amazon, in 2021, Prime Gaming offered members more than 100 free games and more than 675 in-game content offers.

Josh Dodson, Head of Business Development and Operations at Prime Gaming, said: VentureBeat This content consists of more than $21,600 in value per Prime member.

Last year, Amazon said Prime members took home more than 80 million free games and more than 420 million offers.