Office Vice President Joe Belfiore is leaving Microsoft after 32 years

Office Vice President Joe Belfiore is leaving Microsoft after 32 years

Office Vice President Joe Belfiore is leaving Microsoft after 32 years

Office Vice President Joe Belfiore is leaving Microsoft after 32 years

Credit: Microsoft

Joe Belfiore, who has served as Vice President of Microsoft Office Group for the past two years and with the company in various positions for 32 years, has announced his retirement. Belfiore’s management and Microsoft announced his departure on October 27 via internal emails.

A word (pun intended) that this was a personal decision, not a forced one. Belfiore’s departure will not change priorities within Office. Belfiore will turn in his direct reports immediately but will remain until next summer as senior advisor and coach to assist in the transition process.

Belfiore tweeted about his planned retirement late today.

From Belfiore’s email to Troops of the Day – a copy I saw and checked with Microsoft was real:

“After a lot of personal thought, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to bring my very long career at Microsoft to an end after 32 years of amazing experiences building software and services with all of you.”

“This summer I had the experience of sending my eldest son off to college, which crystallized my realization about the limited time left for me to prioritize children and family before the last of our crew left the house,” he added.

Belfiore got his start at Microsoft in 1990 as part of the Windows 95 team. He has also worked on the Internet Explorer, Windows XP, Microsoft eHome, Entertainment & Devices, Windows Phone and Windows 10 teams in management roles over the years, according to Belfiore’s LinkedIn profile. In 2015, he announced that he would receive A year off to spend more time with his family. (Unlike many Microsoft “spend more time with family” scenarios, Belfiore did indeed return to the company after his sabbatical.)

In 2020, Belfiore took another vacation to travel with his family. After that, he returned to Microsoft to Work on Office Experience Group (OXO) on cross-platform experiences and services. He led this team with Corporate Vice President Alice Holsik. His team is responsible for working in applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, as well as common components and new additions to the core Office family such as Loop (application and components)And the Designerand To-Do, Planner, Project, Forms, Stream, Whiteboard and more, according to Belfiore’s bio.

Holecek will remain corporate vice president for the Office product suite, according to internal emails. Corporate Vice President Sumit Chauhan – who recently focused on authoring and storytelling capabilities in AI-powered Office – will partner with Holecek as the group’s new co-leader and report directly to Executive Vice President Experience & Hardware Rajesh Jha. Current Vice President of Product David Gainer will be promoted to corporate vice president to become the “head of product” in the office, reporting to Holecek.

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