Online privacy just got easier with today’s release of Firefox

Online privacy just got easier with today’s release of Firefox

Online privacy just got easier with today’s release of Firefox

October is one of our favorite months of the year with Fall and Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month. We support Cybersecurity Awareness with Private Browsing Mode upgrades. Plus, we’re introducing new features to help you pick up where you left off with Firefox View and new colors and backgrounds to freshen up your look.

Earlier this year we celebrated ours 100th edition of Firefox and confirmed our commitment to putting people first. For today’s release, we’re introducing new features that deliver on our customer promise to deliver a web experience that prioritizes the privacy and needs of people whenever they’re online.

Your private browsing access button

Last year we did improved our way of private browsing adding new privacy protections such as Total Cookie Protection and HTTPS by default. Today we’ve made it even easier to use by adding a new shortcut button that you can pin to your desktop so you can quickly go into private browsing mode whenever you want. We’ve also added a modern look and feel with a new logo and updated it so Private Browsing mode now defaults to a dark theme, making it easy to know when you’re in Private Browsing mode.

Online privacy just got easier with today’s release of Firefox
Private browsing mode has a new shortcut button so you can pin it to your desktop

Start your day with Firefox View

Our days consist of multiple tasks. Most tasks are easy to jump back to, like a page in a book or selecting a recently watched show on a streaming service app. We created Firefox View to help users navigate today’s Internet. For today’s launch of Firefox View, you’ll see up to 25 recently closed tabs within each window of your desktop device. After you’ve synced your mobile devices, you’ll see the last three active tabs you had open on other devices. You’ll also be able to refresh your Firefox with a new Colorway inspired by the Independent Voices collection. Firefox View will continue to be the place where you can quickly get to the information that matters most to you.

Firefox View will be the place where you can quickly get the information that matters most to you

Enter our new collections of colors and wallpapers

Last year we launched Firefox Colorways, a new desktop feature that allowed our users to express their most authentic selves and bring joy while browsing the web. Then, in March, we introduced the mobile version with backgrounds. Today we’re releasing the latest limited edition Colorways and wallpaper collection inspired by Independent Voices. Behind this collection is streetwear and sneaker designer Keely Alexis, best known for Air Jordans and other sneakers she created at Nike. The Colorways collection was her first collaboration with a tech company where she created bold and vibrant color themes. To read more about the Colorways collection, visit our series of stories about the joy of color here.

Get the latest limited edition collection of colors and wallpapers

“‘Independent Voices’ are the voices of the past and present creating a better future,” said Keely Alexis. “I chose this [analogy] as my inspiration for the collaboration because it feels authentic to me, but it also aligns with Firefox and the vision that we can make the world better, online and beyond.”

Two new shortcuts to increase productivity

Get things done faster with today’s updates to a PDF editor and text recognition.

Productivity Boost #1: You know those PDF forms you get from your doctor or other provider that you have to print out and send back to them? You can now write directly inside those forms in the PDF editor. All that’s left is to add your signature (which you can now!) and you’re done!

Productivity Boost #2: For users of macOS 10.15 and later, you can now save a step using our text recognition feature. For those times when you want to separate and reuse text from an image (like that hilarious meme or screenshot), this new feature will let you copy just the text so you can share and store it without having to manually type it. Timesaver! This feature is also compatible with VoiceOver, the built-in screen reader for macOS.

Check out all these new features today and download them to your desktop and mobile devices: Firefox, Firefox on Android and Firefox for iOS.

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