Only PC players need a registered phone number for Modern Warfare 2

Only PC players need a registered phone number for Modern Warfare 2

Only PC players need a registered phone number for Modern Warfare 2

Only PC players need a registered phone number for Modern Warfare 2

Recent updates to the online store and support page suggested that’s all Modern Warfare II players would have to register a unique text-capable phone number with their account to play the game. U blog post this weekhowever, the team behind the Ricochet anti-cheat system suggests that the requirement will only apply to PC players.

That’s a significant departure from Blizzard’s policy Overwatch 2, which initially required all PC and console players to register a phone number for their “SMS Protect” system. Blizzard later partially reversed that policy to exclude players who used a account to play the original Overwatch.

Activision’s SMS security requirement will also extend to free-to-play PC players Warzone 2.0, writes Team Ricochet. Players who accessed the original Warzone on PC have been required to link a phone number since May 2020 and will not be exempt from that requirement moving forward.

Reboot 2019 modern warfare—which includes access Warzone—added a similar SMS phone request in August 2022. This is because the anti-cheater team “started seeing more cheaters trying to access Warzone of modern warfare to bypass the SMS policy, so the security team recommended an update to further combat the illegal accounts market.”

Similar thinking appears to apply to the security requirements for this month’s launch Modern Warfare 2 and connected Warzone 2.0. “SMS verification is critical to our anti-cheat efforts as we fight illegal account creation at its source,” writes Tim Ricochet. “This helps our security team maintain account and game security to provide a safe, fair and fun gaming experience for all our players.”

Modern Warfare 2 will also be the first franchise game to require the use of PC players Ricochet’s kernel-level anti-cheat drivers at launch. Those drivers are also being updated to “provide more information to our security teams in case cheaters enter the game, passing data to our detection and mitigation systems,” the developers write.

While the Ricochet system was partially in place for the game’s open beta earlier this year (and led to more than 20,000 account bans), the team says it will introduce “all existing [cheat] mitigation systems” for the game’s full launch on October 28th. These include measures that can blind cheatersremove your weapons and protect your opponents from damage as well as frustrating cheat effects.

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