Open damaged geodes (with out destroying them!)

Open damaged geodes (with out destroying them!)

Open damaged geodes (with out destroying them!)

I all the time appear to get calls from individuals asking “How do I open a geode with out breaking it into little items?” Properly, there are a number of methods, some good and a few not so good. Right here, I’ll describe 4 of the commonest methods. [By the way, it’s a good idea to use safety goggles whenever you start banging away at a rock.]

1) Diamond Noticed: In case you are fortunate sufficient to have a big diamond noticed or know somebody who has one, you possibly can noticed the geodes in two. This works greatest when there’s a vice to carry the specimen. You’ll be able to minimize the geode open and find yourself with two halves with a easy face on every. (However not everybody has a diamond noticed…)

2) One other methodology of opening geodes that works properly, (the strategy I take advantage of most frequently) is to open the geode with an outdated forged iron pipe cutter. This can be a instrument that plumbers used to make use of for plumbing in houses when working with forged iron pipes. (Homes constructed earlier than about 35 years in the past.) I’ve one in every of these instruments that I take advantage of to open geodes and more often than not I can break them into two matching halves. This actually does a very good job.

You will have seen present sellers who have been breaking open geodes with one in every of these instruments. The instrument has a sequence on the enterprise finish with hyperlinks like a bicycle chain, and on this chain are spherical carbide rollers with sharp edges.

To open the geode, merely wind the chain, with the carbide rollers, across the geode, safe it in a notch within the instrument, and squeeze the deal with. This tightens the chain across the geode evenly all the way in which round and tightens to the place it breaks the geode open in two halves. I acquired my forged iron pipe cutter from a retired plumber right here domestically. If you wish to break lots of geodes, you may wish to get one.

3) Hammer and chisel. Most individuals do not have a diamond noticed or a pipe cutter and simply wish to open a few geodes. Properly, you are able to do a very good job with a chilly hammer and chisel. I’ve executed this a number of occasions and it really works properly. Take the hammer, chilly chisel and geodes exterior the place there’s a concrete stroll, driveway, steps, and so forth. ie a tough floor. I would not strive it on a picket floor. And also you virtually want three arms to do it. Place the geode on the concrete and maintain it on the perimeters with one hand, then maintain the chilly chisel to the highest of the geode and faucet it SLIGHTLY along with your hammer. Do not attempt to open it now… Flip the geode about half an inch, place the chisel in keeping with the place you simply hit it, and hit the chisel once more… SLIGHTLY. Do it throughout the biggest a part of the geode. As soon as you have hit the chisel in a line across the geode, it ought to be able to open. If the geode has not opened at this level, begin once more across the circumference, hitting the geode with the chilly chisel in a straight line. Hit the chisel a bit of tougher this time. This can be a bit gradual, however if you happen to do it proper and are not in an excessive amount of of a rush, you need to be capable to break the geode open into two halves that you could match again collectively till you possibly can’t inform the place it’s. was damaged

4) Hammer – Positive, you possibly can hit the geode repeatedly with the hammer till it breaks, however it can probably find yourself in a couple of items. Not a very good methodology!

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