Opening and shutting your Chamilia Snap and Bangle bracelets

Opening and shutting your Chamilia Snap and Bangle bracelets

Opening and shutting your Chamilia Snap and Bangle bracelets

For Chamilia Silver/Gold Snap Bracelets:

Silver/Gold Snaps bracelets have a locking mechanism that lets you shut the lock. The lock finish of the Chamilia bracelet comprises two separations: one is the hinge of the lock and the opposite is the opening. To open the lock, press your fingernail between the lock till it opens. The lock doesn’t must be opened, merely urgent down on the lock will open it.

As soon as the lock is open, you possibly can add or take away beads/charms from the bracelet by sliding or twisting them in direction of the thread finish of the bracelet (the alternative finish of the lock).

To shut the Silver/Gold Snap Bracelet, open the top of the lock, then take the top of the bracelet thread and place it within the indentation/notch of the lock. Be aware that the smaller a part of the threaded finish will match snugly into the notch within the lock. The button on the top of the screw mechanism should be contained in the lock. Shut the lock till you hear a click on, which signifies that the lock is securely closed. Executed!

For strong and versatile Chamilia bracelets:

Your Chamilia Strong and Flex Bangle bracelets will let you create distinctive appeal/bead patterns by including, eradicating and altering the order of your beads at any time. The next tips will make altering your beads a breeze.

Be aware that the brand new Chamilia Bangle bracelets now permit each ends to be opened. Older strong and versatile wristbands permit just one finish to be opened.

To open the bracelet, press and twist the “C ball” finish of the bracelet. If in case you have an older model, just one finish will push via. This ought to be straightforward to find out because it will not take a lot effort to push the spring loaded finish.

After getting pushed and turned the top of ball C, the top ought to come out simply. Chamilia Strong and Flex bracelets routinely include slide locks, so there is no must buy locking beads to maintain them in place. Nonetheless, you possibly can nonetheless place interlocking beads in your bracelet bracelet for added performance or look. Slide the primary bracelet lock, then take away or add any beads you need. The bangle bracelets don’t include any threaded ends, so all of the beads ought to simply slide up or out of the bangle.

While you’re blissful along with your new bead sample, slide the bead lock onto the bracelet to carry the beads in place, then repeat the identical steps to safe the lock as you probably did to open the lock: press the “C ball” lock. then flip Your lock is safe when you possibly can gently pull on the top and it does not transfer.

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