Organize your pantry, garage or workshop with open shelving

Organize your pantry, garage or workshop with open shelving

Are you wasting valuable project time sifting through boxes, trying to find the perfect tool or your favorite paint color? Are your painting supplies buried under piles of debris? Do you find yourself searching the pantry for hours for supplies? Solve this problem by adding open shelving to your pantry, garage, workshop or garden shed.

Open shelves offer the versatility of access from all 4 sides. If you have some items that need extra dust protection, you can set up your set with door and drawer boxes. Storage drawers can be an ideal place for tools, valuables or other small items. Adding drawers to open shelving can increase storage space by up to 50 percent, compared to open shelving alone.

Most drawers are designed to be 100% extendable so you can access those hard-to-reach items in the back of the drawer. Add dividers to each drawer so you can organize your inventory and separate small items. With capacities up to 200 pounds per drawer, you can load them with heavy nuts and bolts and other hardware.

Add an open storage shelf to any closet in your home to create a great place to store shoes, books, sweaters, and archive your winter or summer clothing when it’s not in season. Place a bookshelf in your home office to store supplies such as paper, folders, and boxes. Lest we forget about the pantry, with your new storage shelves installed, you can shop in bulk and have a place to store soda cans, paper towels, and family-sized packages of food. Keep a supply of bottled water on the shelf for the next emergency or power outage.

Wine connoisseurs can take advantage of the heavy-duty shelving’s weight capacity to store cases of their favorite vintage and increase cellar storage capacity. Use your skill saw to add an open wine rack to the top 2 shelves so you can display your favorite brands.

For industrial applications, heavy-duty shelving is available with storage capacities of up to 3000 pounds per shelf. These high capacity units are great for storing heavy dies, large castings or heavy tools and equipment. For home use, this style of shelving can handle multiple bags of sand, fertilizer, or concrete.

The shelves on these heavy-duty shelving units are constructed of 14 gauge and feature a 2-inch deep four-sided channel for added strength. These sturdy shelves also feature a formed channel support on the bottom to limit bending under heavy load. The vertical angles of these shelves are made of sturdy 13-gauge steel.

The majority metal shelves is protected by a durable powder coating finish. Not only does this coating look great, but it will withstand harsh conditions for long periods of time. Typical sizes range from 18” D x 36” W x 72” H to 24” D x 72” W x 96” H units and everything in between.

Our top 10 open shelving tips:

  1. For the safety of sensitive or valuable cargo, secure the top of your freestanding open shelving to the wall of your garage or shed.
  2. Separate the top and bottom sections of a 60-inch-wide storage rack to create a sturdy 10-foot-long workbench. Your new workbench will include storage space below for tools and supplies.
  3. Add sturdy wheels to the four corners of your open shelving storage unit to create a workbench or portable cart. This is a great idea for personal maintenance or automotive work.
  4. Swap the wheels for large wheels and your open shelving storage unit becomes a garden cart with all your garden tools and supplies at your fingertips.
  5. For aesthetics, cover the front of the shelves with a curtain in coordinating colors. This will also reduce the dust that might otherwise collect on the shelves.
  6. Add stackable bins on a few shelves to increase storage space.
  7. Add a board to the pantry shelves so you don’t have to remove items from the back of the storage unit. You can also build a raised shelf for the rear storage area to improve the visibility of the preserves.
  8. Consolidate similar items in wire baskets or bins to keep your storage space organized.
  9. Add “S” hooks to the front of the shelves to hang garden tools, pots and pans, or shopping tools.
  10. Place 2 shelves back to back to create deep space for larger items.

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