Pixel Fold specification leak narrows down the size and shape of the foldable display

Pixel Fold specification leak narrows down the size and shape of the foldable display

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It doesn’t matter Samsung or Motorola or the Chinese crowd; Google leads the race when it comes to foldable phones. Intelligence indicated long autumn and winter waiting with company targeting launch window late Q1 2023 for the potential Pixel Fold. Now we’re learning more about what exactly we’re in for with details on the displays the phone will use.

Leak noted, blogger Kuba Wojciechowski speaks 91 Mobile that the foldable screen will span 123 × 148 mm with a resolution of 1840 × 2208. In other words, we are talking about a 7.58-inch panel with a pixel density of 380ppi. Max refresh rate support is expected to go above 60Hz, but it’s not clear if we’ll see 120Hz. Average brightness is rated at 800 nits with a maximum rating of 1200 nits.


Compared to other foldable phablet-style devices already on the market, Samsung’s internal displays Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Oppo’s Find N they have ratios of 8.4:9 and 10.8:9, respectively. The Pixel Fold’s display is expected to come in a 7.5:9 or, when properly scaled down, 5:6 aspect ratio, making it the narrowest or tallest of the bunch — perspective is everything — when held in portrait orientation. Both Fold 4 screens support 120Hz, while only the Find Na’s internal screen does (its external screen runs at 60Hz).

Both the folding screen of the Pixel Fold and the external screen will be manufactured by Samsung, but we don’t have much more information about the latter screen.

Last month, Wojciechowski reportedly revealed the Pixel Fold’s camera stackwith three rear cameras and two selfie cameras, one for each screen.

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