Pixel Watch bands are already sold out and late

Pixel Watch bands are already sold out and late

Pixel Watch bands are already sold out and late

The Pixel Watch uses a proprietary system for its bands that requires you to buy bands from Google or its partners, at least for now. But on launch day, many Pixel Watch bands are massively delayed or out of stock.

Google launched the Pixel Watch with around 20 different band designs, including everything from “Active” silicone to some fancier leather designs. It’s Google also launches some metal bands later and for great expenses.

But if you’ve been waiting for your Pixel Watch to arrive to pick up extra bands, you might be waiting a while.

The Google Store seems to be out of stock or delayed due to several different band designs. Existing orders seem to be delayed as well. We ordered a Pixel Watch with a stretch band and a woven band, and Google marked the order as “delayed” with a late October estimate solely because of the stretch band. The watch and woven bracelet arrived today.

Update 10/16: After experiencing long delays and out-of-stock notices for various band options, Google has almost restocked every Pixel watch band in its own store.

From leather to stretchy, we currently see all bracelets in stock and shipping within a week. Your region may differ in weather. The only band currently still out of stock is the two-tone linen leather band.

If you were hoping to pick a new band, hurry up!

Here’s the Google Store situation based on our location in North Carolina as of October 13th. Based on past years, these timeframes may vary depending on your location, especially if you are in a different country.

Results from October 13:

Active Band

  • Lemon grass – 12.-29. November
  • Charcoal – 21.-28.10
  • Obsidian – November 12-29
  • Chalk – 22.-26.10
  • Hazel – 22-26. October

Woven Band

  • Ivy – wait list only
  • Lemongrass – wait list only
  • Coral – October 27 – November. 3

Crafted Leather

  • Ivy (small) – 2-10. November
  • Ivy (large) – Waitlist only
  • Obsidian (small) – Oct. 27-Nov. 3
  • Obsidian (Large) – Waitlist only

Two-tone leather

  • Bedding (small and large) – waiting list only
  • Charcoal (small and large) – waiting list only
  • Chalk (small and large) – waiting list only


  • Bedding (XS) – Waitlist only
  • Bedding (S) – Nov. 11-23
  • Bedding (M) – Wait list only
  • Bedding (L) – Wait list only
  • Bedding (XL) – waiting list only
  • Rose (XS) – 5.-14. November
  • Rose (S) – Waitlist only
  • Rose (M) – Nov. 2-10
  • Rose (L) – Waitlist only
  • Rose (XL) – Nov. 2-10
  • Obsidian (XS) – wait list only
  • Obsidian (S) – Waitlist only
  • Obsidian (M) – Waitlist only
  • Obsidian (L) – Waitlist only
  • Obsidian (XL) – wait list only

Meanwhile, Best Buy is also selling select Pixel Watch bands with shorter turnaround times. However, the seller does not have the same choice as Google. Only the “Active” and “Woven” straps are available through retailers, but they are supplied a lot faster mostly. All builds are currently available for delivery or in-store pickup from October 17th or 18th, but we suspect that will change soon.

9to5Google’s Take

The inventory issues Google is already facing, just a week after opening pre-orders, only goes to show that the proprietary route will only cause headaches for Pixel Watch buyers. Frankly, it’s a little shocking that Google hasn’t worked with any of its partners, many of whom create Apple Watch bands, to offer some third-party options.

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