Pure Electric’s new Advance E-Scooter aims to change the way you ride

Pure Electric’s new Advance E-Scooter aims to change the way you ride

Pure Electric’s new Advance E-Scooter aims to change the way you ride

Those of you who have ridden any modern electric scooter are probably familiar with the position of having one leg in front of the other. It’s likely that it feels a little strange to turn left or right, depending on whether your right or left side is dominant. While it may seem that scooters have always been the way to go, a company called Pure Electric seems to think otherwise.

You see, the brand has just unveiled its latest scooter A range called Pure Advance, and it claims to reinvent e-scooter design. How does it do this? Well, he says the Advance and Advance Flex can offer a great and stable ride because the scooter is ridden with both feet on the side. This means that it has bicycle-like stability, with the rider’s body positioned neutrally with the scooter’s axis. The result is more natural, more comfortable and safer, according to Pure Electric.

Pure Electric’s new Advance E-Scooter aims to change the way you ride

As opposed to having a narrow floor, the Advance has footrests on both sides to allow the rider to stand up while driving the vehicle. It gives, this design It will certainly affect the ability of the two-wheeler to lean into corners, but this could be a warning that riders need to slow down a bit before approaching tight turns.

Sam Bernard, Chief Technology Officer of Pure Electric said in an article AutoCar UK, “To truly inspire change and challenge the traditional way people travel, we knew we had to create a fundamentally different product. What we’ve seen so far from electric scooter manufacturers are basically kids’ scooters with a narrow deck to ride on, just enhanced by a battery and a motor.”

Speaking of engines, the Pure Advance and Advance Flex are equipped with a 500W electric motor. With a peak output of 710W, the electric scooter has a range of about 25 kilometers on a single charge. Meanwhile, the Advance+ premium extends it to 31 kilometers. The motor and battery are both IP65 rated for waterproofing. Performance specs aside, the two wheels ride on 10-inch tubeless tires that offer better shock absorption and a more comfortable ride than other e-scooters. Also, the scooter has a regenerative rear brake and a front mounted drum brake.

In addition, Pure Electric has equipped the Advance range of electric scooters with a full LED lighting system, turn indicators and brake light for added visibility at night. In terms of pricing, Pure Electric has set the standard Advance at around £799 or $903 USD, while the Advance Flex, a more portable and compact model, is priced at £1,099, which is around $1,242 USD.

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