Removing GPS device when a Fort Collins police officer was attacked

Removing GPS device when a Fort Collins police officer was attacked

Removing GPS device when a Fort Collins police officer was attacked

According to the 8th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Fort Collins Police Sergeant Loveland was working undercover to remove a GPS tracking device from a vehicle when he was attacked.

A letter from District Attorney Gordon McLaughlin released Friday details the officer’s September 29 attack.

Fort Collins police detectives in plainclothes were pursuing a previous case in the area of ​​North Boise Avenue and East Eighth Street in East Loveland at about 8 a.m. that day when they were approached by a man they believed to be an acquaintance of the suspect. . court case, According to a previous news release about the incident.

A man confronted and punched an officer, rendering him unconscious. The officer spent at least a week in the hospital, and Fort Collins Police Service spokeswoman Kate Kimble told Colorado on Monday that the officer was still recovering.

“Our detective is in a stable condition and continues to be in care even after recovering from serious injuries,” Kimble said. “We appreciate the community’s concern and ongoing support.”

A Loveland man was arrested After a week, the officer was accused of assault

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Since no police force was charged in the incident, the CIRT investigation did not review the conduct of the officers, McLaughlin wrote in his judgment letter released Friday.

McLaughlin wrote in his letter that the 8th Judicial District Critical Incident Response Team was activated to investigate the incident, as there was no police force involved in the incident, yet it was considered a “serious incident” in CIRT protocol. met the definition. That definition includes incidents in the Eighth Judicial District (Larimer and Jackson counties) involving two or more people involving a member of law enforcement and causing serious bodily injury.

According to McLaughlin, the CIRT team was activated in this case as the officer was seriously injured.

McLaughlin said in his letter that the 8th Judicial District’s CIRT protocol has been written to “in particular to include a review of actions beyond what is statutorily required to provide the community with more independent and transparent information.” “

The suspect in the attack, Quentin Wallace, was arrested on 7 October on suspicion of second-degree assault, a Class 4 felony, in connection with the incident.

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. Arrests and charges are charges by law enforcement only, and unless, a suspect has been convicted of a crime,

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