Report says Bungie is considering restarting the Marathon for 2025

Report says Bungie is considering restarting the Marathon for 2025

Report says Bungie is considering restarting the Marathon for 2025

Bungie plans to reboot the ’90s sci-fi game marathonAccording to a report released Thursday. The game, which is said to be in a pre-alpha state, will return as a team-based, multiplayer shooter of the mass extraction type, According to Insider Gaming.

Insider Gaming said Bunge did not acknowledge the rumor and a public relations agency declined to comment.

in 2019 interview with IGNBungie CEO Pete Parsons said the studio had plans until 2025 that included releasing a new game, not Destiny, that year. “We need to build our own publishing group, but also part of our vision to become a multi-franchise entertainment company,” Parsons said at the time.

Then, in February 2021, Announcing Bungee Expansion of its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. “The new facility will include a reimagining of the Bellevue studio space to support multiple project teams, including those outside the Destiny Universe.” Bungie also said it will open its first overseas office in 2022 in Amsterdam.

marathon Launched in 1994, it was a critical and commercial success, notably the Apple MacOS exclusive. And so was their follow-up, 1995 Marathon 2: Durandal (Although the Windows version was released after one year) and 1996 Infinity Marathon. The series was launched one year after Id Software’s flagship launch the death For MS-DOS and Windows computers, it was a record holder at the heyday of Macintosh desktop gaming from 1995 to 1997.

In the Marathon Trilogy, players start aboard UESC . MarathonA massive colonization spacecraft built from Mars’ moon Deimos. The marathon Disabled and assaulted by an alien race known as the Pfhor, it is revealed that one of three artificial intelligence systems on board the ships, named Durandal, has gained consciousness and is cooperating with the invaders.

Durandal is back in marathon 2who has traveled to planet Earth to the world of another alien race, and again in endless, which took players on a bending journey in space and time (and mind) during the events of the first two games. Throughout the series, players uncover the mysteries of alien aggressors, Durandal’s feeling (and virtual psychosis), and the greater goals of both by reading computer records and other texts found in the world.

Bungie’s close association with Apple thanks marathon (Beside myth And the that they) famous that led to Combat aura evolvedOriginal reveal at MacWorld 1999. Microsoft acquired Bungie one year later, and turned Halo into a support franchise for its Xbox console. there Numerous references to the marathon trilogy Made in all Halo games developed by Bungie from 2001 to 2010.

Bungie separated from Microsoft in 2007; Formed a publishing agreement with Activision in 2010; Launched fate in 2014; He regained full control of this franchise in 2019, and finally was Acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment In January of this year.

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