‘Return to Silent Hill’ will bring Konami’s horror franchise back to cinemas

‘Return to Silent Hill’ will bring Konami’s horror franchise back to cinemas

‘Return to Silent Hill’ will bring Konami’s horror franchise back to cinemas

Konami’s Silent Hill 2 a remake for PC and PlayStation 5 isn’t the only reimagining of the classic 2001 game on the horizon: the company just announced that the story is also being adapted into a new major motion picture. Return to Silent Hill will apparently serve as a direct sequel to the original 2006 adaptation, and will be helmed by the same director, Christophe Gans.

It appears that the project is still in development. No teaser trailer, just a few images of storyboards and pieces of concept art. Gans spent most of the announcement talking about the plot of the game itself. “We decided to go back to the best of these stories,” he said during Konami’s Silent Hill Transmission live stream. “The film tells the story of a young man who returns to Silent Hill, where he met great love – and what he finds is a pure nightmare.”

Victor Hadida, who also worked on the 2006 film, is also returning to the production and says that while the project plans to give the franchise a modern twist, staying true to the spirit of the original game is a key focus. Gans seems to agree, calling the original Silent Hill games “great artistic achievements.”

Hearing Christophe Gans talk about the project is really interesting, as the director reflects on the unique challenge of translating the immersive narrative that only a video game can provide into a shorter 90-100 minute experience. However, we won’t see how successful he is for some time. Return to Silent Hill no release date yet.

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