Rivian e-bikes coming soon after CEO says ‘very excited’?

Rivian e-bikes coming soon after CEO says ‘very excited’?

Rivian e-bikes coming soon after CEO says ‘very excited’?

Rivian is known for being the first company to market an electric truck. But after the electric vehicle manufacturer presented brands linked to electric bikes earlier this year, the EV industry has been on the lookout for a possible Rivian e-bike.

Electric bikes actually outsell electric cars and truckspartly because of their lower cost of production and thus much lower purchase prices.

So it would make sense for the electric truck and SUV manufacturer to look into developing an electric bike in Rivia, teaming up with other companies. like Porsche that has expanded to electric bikes.

Now we’re getting our most detailed look yet at how e-bikes could be integrated into Rivian’s long-term plans, thanks to a recent piece of news. Stop the 2022 conversation RJ Scaringe with Rivian CEO.

Scaringe expanded on how the company views light electric vehicles and their place in the larger EV ecosystem:

When you look at transportation in the next 10 to 15 years, part of the way we think about our product portfolio is increasingly going multimodal. We will use vehicles sometimes, public transport at other times, we are increasingly thinking about electric bikes, bikes with electric assistance.

So to be part of that kind of mosaic of different mobility solutions, we have a bunch of products, some of which are pretty far from what you see here. [gesturing to the Rivian R1S electric SUV].

Rivian e-bikes coming soon after CEO says ‘very excited’?

Scaringe continued on the subject of a possible Rivian e-bike:

We are very excited about the electric bike space. We haven’t announced anything or said anything there. But I believe that it will become more and more important in transport, both in the movement of goods for commercial purposes, as well as in the movement of people.

It is true that it has been seen in recent years the growth of sales of electric bicycles is increasingaccompanied by a major shift to e-bike commuting.

But it’s not just commuters who flock to lightweight electric two-wheelers. Delivery companies are also adopting e-bikes as it is a more efficient way to deliver in crowded urban areas and cities.

Rivian apparently sees those commercial customers as potentially important plays.

After discussing the company’s large and small vans, Scaringe shed some light on how the company’s upcoming smaller electric delivery vans could be a precursor to Rivian e-bikes.

Obviously, we’re going to move to smaller form factors and the way we see it, a lot of shipping is going to move more and more to things that are very small. Bikes or e-assist bikes are doing a lot of urban delivery, so as a product portfolio, we’ve put a lot of thought into that.

Rivian’s latest hires further increase the chances of seeing a Rivian electric bike in the company’s future. Former CTO of Specialized’s e-bike division He was brought together to work on “future programs” for Rivianand it is not difficult to guess what these future programs might have.

Several automotive manufacturers have also jumped on the e-bike bandwagon in recent years, chasing a rapidly expanding market and a low barrier to entry for lightweight electric two-wheelers.

Peugot It has a wide line of electric bikes, and the Spanish SEAT It has teamed up with Barcelona-based Silence to roll out its sit-and-stand electric scooters.

GM developed an electric bike in-house, even though it was a project they killed At the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

ŠKODA expanded one of the weirdest electric bike/scooter concepts we’ve seenalthough there is no indication that it will go into production.

Jeep has entered the high powered electric bike game through license agreements, although similar attempts were made to develop an electric scooter it was significantly less impressive.

Motorcycle manufacturers like Harley-Davidson and BMW Motorrad have also gotten into electric bikes and scooters, though Harley results they have been much more visible than BMW’s.

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