RSA unveils mobile security solution | Vanilla Plus

RSA unveils mobile security solution |  Vanilla Plus

RSA unveils mobile security solution | Vanilla Plus

Bedford, United States – RSAthe global provider in identity and access management, about presenting RSA Mobile LockA defense in the war for mobile security and an immediate solution to one of the weakest weaknesses in every organization’s security posture: its users. RSA Mobile Lock detects dangerous threats on mobile devices and can restrict users from authenticating into secured company systems, preventing the threat from expanding beyond a single compromised device to other users, data, and systems.

Mobile security is not a technical problem: it is a human problem. Recent studies reveal that 82% of breaches Human elements are involved, and Notable violations They’ve taken advantage of the perfect storm of remote work, inattentive users, and brought in your device (BYOD) policies that connect personal devices to enterprise assets. Companies have long tried to tackle mobile security by purchasing secondary phones for their employees or requiring them to install new security features on their devices. But these measures are costly, create more friction for employees, and push users to get around security measures.

Mobile Lock is not a new app to configure or a device to manage. It is embedded in the RSA mobile app which has already been deployed on millions of devices. When Mobile Lock detects serious threats, it can prevent users from authenticating in a secure environment until the threat is resolved while at the same time alerting IT administrators about the problem. Developed in partnership with symperium, a global provider of mobile and app security, Mobile Lock only secures your authentication app; It does not restrict access to any other resources. Moreover, mobile lock helps build device trust by constantly scanning for dangerous threats.

“The acceleration of BYOD and remote working has created a widespread threat to security organizations first: the mobile devices of their users. With the increasing sensitivity of information on or accessible through remote devices – including critical data, enterprise systems, and customer records – our customers have asked us for mobile protection. “Mobile Lock addresses this urgent need, taking users’ personal devices and their organization’s general security situations to a level closer to mistrust,” says Rohit Ghai, CEO of RSA.

The massive increase in breaches stemming from mobile devices and telecommuting has moved to the top of the list for many of the top security organizations in government, financial services, healthcare, energy and technology served by RSA. The Verizon mobile security index It found that 79% of respondents felt that remote work had negatively affected their cybersecurity, and that 45% had experienced a mobile-related hack. The 2022 cost of data breach report from IBM security and pony institute It found that the average cost of violations that involve telework is higher than those that do not.

“The best security is what users are going to use,” says Jim Taylor, chief product officer at RSA. “Mobile Lock is exactly that. This technology takes a highly targeted approach to neutralizing authentication threats and building device trust without putting any extra effort on your employees or disrupting their experience.”

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