Sainz on pole but penalty prevents All-Ferrari front row

Sainz on pole but penalty prevents All-Ferrari front row

Sainz on pole but penalty prevents All-Ferrari front row

Carlos Sainz claimed his third pole of the 2022 Formula 1 season at the United States Grand Prix, with only a 10-place penalty for Charles Leclerc, who denied Ferrari a front-row sweep.

Leclerc was the quicker of the pair after the first Q3 run, then only improved at the time for Sainz with 1m34.356s to pip him with 0.065s.

World champion Max Verstappen was only fourth in Q3, behind Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes.

He looked certainly for pole on his next attempt, but lost time in the final sector and finished third, even though only 0.092 seconds from pole.

Leclercs Penalties for new engine components Verstappen’s Red Bull with Sainz on the front line.

Hamilton was only fifth in the end, but penalties for Leclerc and fourth-fastest Sergio Pérez replaced him with Mercedes teammate George Russell in third.

Aston Martin also benefits from penalties, with Lance Stroll moving from seventh to fifth on the grid. His teammate Sebastian Vettel was knocked out of the top 10 late in the second quarter but is set to finish in 10th place if the penalty is in effect.

Lando Norris’ McLaren and Valtteri Bottas’ Alfa Romeo are set to be promoted to sixth and seventh places.

Bottas’ teammate Zhou Guanyue had dropped laps for track boundary offenses in both Q1 and Q2, the second of them depriving him of a Q3 spot and handed over to Norris instead. The five-place penalty was coming on Zhou anyway so it’s set to start in 19th place.

Fernando Alonso is the other penalized driver currently. He qualified in ninth place, while Alpine teammate Esteban Ocon suffered a setback in the first quarter in 18th place and would drop to 14th.

On the day Logan Sargent was announced as his 2023 Williams teammate, superlicense permitting, Alex Albon achieved his second best qualification of 2022, which would be eighth after a penalty. His current teammate Nicolas Latifi makes the last start.

Daniel Ricciardo indicated earlier in the weekend that he was getting better with the advanced McLaren, but an error in his final Q1 lap left him 17th in qualifying.

Haas had a disappointing qualifying at home race weekend. Kevin Magnussen was only 16th and Q1 spinner Mick Schumacher was 19th.

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