Samsung, HealthTap partner to bring virtual care to smart TVs

Samsung, HealthTap partner to bring virtual care to smart TVs

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HealthTap announced a strategic partnership with Samsung to bring virtual healthcare directly to Samsung smart TVs in the US

The strategic partnership brings a telehealth solution within reach of Samsung Smart TV users. HealthTap offers access to healthcare through its mobile and desktop apps, with new capabilities that mark a step forward for its platform.

HealthTap, based in Palo Alto, Calif., said in a press release that it particularly benefits the elderly population, which makes up one of Samsung’s largest customer segments. In addition, the company said it is aligned with its mission of bringing quality, affordable primary care within the reach of every American. It aims to do this for everyone, regardless of whether they have good insurance or benefits.

“Developing primary care relationships is critical for all Americans, and the ability to conveniently access telemedicine through a TV screen allows everyone to take care into their own hands,” said Sean Mehra, CEO and founder of HealthTap. “Together with Samsung, we’re using the simplicity and power of technology to make it easier for Americans to get the health care they need without worrying about transportation, work conflicts or a lack of available doctors in their area.”

More about the partnership between Samsung and HealthTap

Samsung Smart TV owners could seamlessly connect to the HealthTap interactive health platform. They could visit the doctor of their choice via a connected television camera from the comfort of their couch.

Consumers can review a doctor’s resume, credentials, and video interviews. This allows them to choose the best American board certified doctor and easily schedule an appointment. As stated in the announcement, all this can be done within the same week.

“This collaboration represents the coming together of two powerful and loyal consumer brands: Samsung, a leader in consumer electronics and innovation, and HealthTap, a beloved consumer-facing virtual care platform, to improve healthcare access and health outcomes through the delivery of telemedicine to Samsung devices ,” said Sean Park, project manager at Samsung.

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