Samsung presents the evolution of SmartThings and introduces new device experiences at SDC22 – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung presents the evolution of SmartThings and introduces new device experiences at SDC22 – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung’s self-secured, integrated SmartThings and Bixby platform create a safe, simple and convenient smart home experience for multi-device households

Samsung Electronics today held its annual Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Francisco, bringing together developers, creators and designers to explore seamless, connected experiences powered by Samsung.

During the event, Samsung shared more about its commitment to creating simplified, game-changing user experiences, including the company’s updated vision for SmartThings as it evolves from a connectivity platform to an enabler of smarter lifestyles. From deeper integration with Bixby to seamless connectivity with Mattera-compatible devices, SmartThings creates a richer, more open world that empowers all users to simplify their connections and everyday lives.

“At Samsung, we are constantly innovating our devices, platforms and services to make them simpler and more convenient. I am proud to share the next generation of our work, such as SmartThings, to advance our collaboration with partners and developers,” said Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Vice President, CEO and Head of Device Experience (DX) at to Samsung Electronics. “As technologies become more complex, we will always look for ways to make life easier, more connected and more flexible, so our consumers can focus on what matters most.”

Connecting platforms and devices with Calm technology

Samsung’s vision of seamless connectivity is inspired by the philosophy of Calm Technology where devices instantly work together, so users can save time on setup and get right into the experience. To realize this vision, Samsung reimagined SmartThings and its related services and partnerships, including Samsung’s Hub Everywhereexpanding its capabilities to the entire smart home with audio and visual data as well as SmartThings Energy, SmartThings Fri and SmartThings Cooking. Samsung has also partnered with Philips Hue for integration Philips Hue Sync directly into Galaxy devices so that smart home lighting can be synchronized with music.

The seamless experience will extend beyond Samsung’s ecosystem through the integration of SmartThings Thing and Samsung’s membership in the Home Connectivity Alliance. Google and Samsung have worked together to enable users to find and connect their devices across platforms by building a multi-admin feature on Matter devices. The collaboration will bring more devices and users to the connected home in the future.

Bixby is more deeply integrated with SmartThings, a tool for developers to build more intelligent voice user interface experiences. As Samsung’s flagship voice assistant platform, Bixby has evolved to become an on-device AI solution that can control individual Galaxy devices as well as cross-device experiences across the Samsung ecosystem. With a new one Bixby Home Studio, developers can now build different, custom experiences for the SmartThings platform. In addition, Bixby will be even more accessible to users with support for Latin American Spanish, starting in November.

As the smart home becomes more advanced, Samsung is introducing a new security paradigm, enabling Samsung devices to protect each other. Samsung Knox Matrix1 is a private, blockchain-based platform that turns eligible Samsung devices into a shield to protect a user’s entire ecosystem of devices — from Galaxy devices to TVs and home appliances. In addition, users can customize their personal privacy settings using the new Security and privacy dashboardthat scans for vulnerabilities, recommends security updates, and gives users data management options to keep privacy and security top of mind.

Personalized services for better experiences

in the past year, Samsung TV Plus — Samsung’s free ad-supported TV and video streaming platform (FAST) available on Samsung Smart TVs2 and mobile devices reached 100% viewership growth,3 and projects three billion hours streamed by the end of the year. To build on this momentum, Samsung TV Plus has expanded its offerings by adding partnerships with Lionsgate and Vice Media, providing 8K video on demand. Samsung TV Plus has also undergone a redesign to reflect its exceptional content diversity with more than 1,600 channels in 24 countries. Samsung TV Plus is the ultimate choice for a seamless ad experience, where stream merging makes ad playback simpler than ever.

After 10 years of operation, Samsung Tizen operating system (OS) continues to offer best-in-class user experiences. The Samsung Gaming Hub brings a better, faster and more convenient approach to gaming on Samsung Smart TVs, powered by industry-leading partners such as Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Utomik and Amazon Luna. Samsung Gaming Hub bridges hardware and software expertise to integrate features such as AI Upscaling and multitasking features to make gaming on Samsung Smart TVs an immersive, optimized experience.

Tizen OS is also expanding its offering NFTs support with partners such as Art Token, laCollection and Nifty Gateway. For B2B customers and developers, Samsung provides services B2B APIs specific to industries and use cases such as Syncplay, which enables content synchronization and playback across multiple tags. Tizen also presents SALTa new content conversion solution to display the highest quality HDR10+ content on supported TVs.

Your galaxy, your way with one user interface 5

By introducing a new One user interface 5, Samsung has empowered users to easily customize the look and feel of their device, while increasing productivity and delivering incredible experiences across devices and platforms. One UI 5 brings more personalized experiences with custom Regimes and routinesi.a Dynamic Lock screen which displays multiple visuals on your phone, your Galaxy Watch, and other One UI 5 devices. With a new one Bixby text call Bixby Voice will answer calls on your behalf and share typed messages with the caller, speaking aloud as if you answered. One UI 5 also introduces new daily health solutions that help track health and wellness in one place. This includes Samsung Privileged Health SDKwhich allows developers to build apps that use the BioActive Sensor on the Galaxy Watch.4

Investments and research into the future

Samsung Research looks beyond today’s horizon to innovate for a better tomorrow, full of relentless innovation and open collaboration. Samsung Research is making its robot arm manipulation code available on GitHub, allowing academics, researchers and developers to explore new ideas in robotic manipulation.

The team at Samsung Research was also inspired by the new wellness features that Samsung introduced, especially on the Galaxy Watch5. To find new use cases that leverage these features, Samsung Research is collaborating with universities and healthcare institutions to research areas such as heart health, stress, blood pressure, lung health and neuroscience. As a result, Samsung offers a complete SDK the Samsung Health Stack which will accelerate research in important health areas and initiate new developments.

Samsung invites developers, creators, partners and others to join its commitment to open collaboration and seamless experience. For more information on Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2022, visit

1 Starting in late 2023, Samsung Knox Matrix will initially be available on select Samsung devices. Support for third-party products will follow later.

2 Samsung TV Plus is only available for select Samsung Smart TV devices.

3 Viewership from September 2021 to August 2022 compared to viewership from September 2020 to August 2021.

4 Available on Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch5 series.

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