Samsung’s October 2022 update is rolling out to Galaxy devices

Samsung’s October 2022 update is rolling out to Galaxy devices

Samsung’s October 2022 update is rolling out to Galaxy devices

Samsung has been in the process of updating devices for a number of phones lately. The October 2022 security update is even rolling out to a number of Samsung Galaxy phones and even a few tablets.

Samsung October 2022 Security Update – Here’s What’s New:

No details have been released for the latest Android Security Update Bulletin, but we expect that to change in the coming days as Pixel devices catch up – usually on the first Monday of the month. Samsung updated their profile picture own tracker for Galaxy smartphones, with a number of important fixes for common issues that may affect users of the device.

The Korean tech giant lists fixes for one “critical” vulnerability, with another 31 fixes for issues marked as “high” priority. Only two “moderate” issues were fixed this time with the October patch for Samsung Galaxy phones.

Along with Google Patches, Samsung Mobile offers the 18 Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE) items described below to improve our users’ confidence in the security of Samsung mobile devices. The Samsung Security Index (SSI), found in “Security Software Version”, SMR October-2022, Issue 1 includes all patches from Samsung and Google. Some of the SVE items may not be included in this package, in case these items were already included in a previous maintenance release.

Some Samsung Galaxy devices are part of Single UI 5.0 beta program, which means that it is Android 13 stable it should be right around the corner.

Devices with the October 2022 Samsung security update

As is often the case, the Korean tech giant has a fairly consistent approach to updates. Usually, the latest and greatest Galaxy devices like the S series get updated first. While that’s not always the case, it seems to be true.

This list will include a note about where the update first debuted and whether it’s available in the United States as well. As usual, the latest additions will be marked in bold.

Galaxy S series

Samsung’s October 2022 update is rolling out to Galaxy devices

It should come as no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is the first to receive the October 2022 security update. As Samsung’s flagship non-folding smartphone, it was expected and probably expected. At the very end of September, Samsung released the latest security patch for the S22 series in limited regions. The update will likely roll out to more regions as we head into October.

Just a few days later, carrier-locked versions of the Galaxy S21 series began to be updated. The October 2022 security patch is already rolling out to Verizon phones in the United States. Often the latest patches hit global markets, so this is a nice change of pace. Those using Xfinity Mobile are also starting to see Samsung’s October update for the entire Galaxy S21 series SamMobile. Unlocked models in the United States are now eligible for the security update that has started rolling out.

Although technically part of the S21 series, the Galaxy S21 FE was launched just a month before the S22. That means it’s in the odd position of being part of the 2022 cohort while still in the previous generation. However, it still updates quickly with Indian models is now starting to receive the latest patch with the expansion to roll out Verizon locked models in the United States. European owners can now update and now as the introduction was extended once more to Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Netherlands and UK

The original Fan Edition Galaxy S20 FE 5G is getting updated in select markets after the rollout began in vast parts of continental Europe including Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the Nordic countries, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, the Baltic region, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Great Britain. Verizon locked models are now starting to receive the patch in the United States.

A limited 4G-only version of the Galaxy S20 FE is available in some markets around the world. It’s actually the same device as the 5G-enabled model, but it lacks the ability to connect and use superfast 5G networks in areas where saturation is low. The October security update is it’s moving now for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE units in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

  • Galaxy S20 FE 4G — G780GXXU3CVI4 (released first in Oceania)
  • Galaxy S20 FE 5G — G781BXXU4FVI4 / G781VSQS7FVI1 (First released in Europe)
  • Galaxy S21 / S21+ / S21 Ultra — G991USQS5CVI8 / G99XUSQU5CVIF (first released in the US)
  • Galaxy S21 FE — G990EXXU3CVI8 / G990USQS4CVI3 (First released in India)
  • Galaxy S22 / S22+ / S22 Ultra — S90xBXXS2AVI7 / S908EXXS2AVI7 (released first in Europe/Asia)

Galaxy Fold series

pixel foldable

Foldables are a growing part of the smartphone space, and it’s one area where Samsung really dominates. The Galaxy Fold is, in many ways, the spiritual and natural successor to the discontinued Note series. Samsung’s most notable release is the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which includes a top-of-the-line processor and many improvements.

The original Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G is starting to get updated in the UK, while the second generation Galaxy Z Fold 2 is seeing an update in October. number of markets in continental Europe including Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, Southeast Europe, the Czech Republic and the Baltic region. Since the initial rollout, those with Verizon-locked models in the United States can now update their second-generation Z Fold devices to the latest patch.

2021’s flagship foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3 is, somewhat coincidentally, the third Galaxy Fold to be updated with the latest security patch. The patch is rolling out simultaneously to India and the United States for unlocked models. Although the internal components are identical, the firmware versions are slightly different here.

Samsung’s latest flagship foldable device is getting updated with the latest October 2022 security patch. Rollout has started first in Israel, with expanded distribution of the build to Verizon locked devices in the United States starting October 14th.

  • Galaxy Fold 5G — F907BXXU6HVI5 (First released in UK)
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2 — F916BXXS2HVI8 / F916USQS2HVI8 (released first in Europe)
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3 — F926U1TBS2DVI4 (First released in the United States and India)
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4 — F936BXXS1AVJ3 / F936USQS1AVII (First published in Israel)

Galaxy Note series

Samsung October Update

The last devices of the Galaxy Note series were released in 2020, and Samsung has confirmed that the Note is indeed dead. Since then, we’ve seen the Galaxy S line bring select features like the S Pen and more back to market, but that’s probably not enough for true fans of the Note series. Fortunately, a number of devices are still supported, including the Galaxy Note 20, which is get the latest patch on time. An additional rollout of the October update occurred for the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, with those in the United States with Verizon-locked units able to download the latest security patch.

Before the release of the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite. The latter offers the features and functions of the Note series, but without the associated high price. As such, it is in an odd position in the wider lineup. Samsung continues to offer updates, and the Note 10 Lite is now receiving the October 2022 security patch. in selected regions.

  • Galaxy Note 10 Lite — N770FXXS8GVI2 (first released in France)
  • Galaxy Note 20 / Note 20 Ultra — N98xFXXS5FVI4 / N98xBXXS5FVI4 / N981USQS3FVI7 (first published in Europe)

Galaxy A series

samsung galaxy a 2021 galaxy a52 a42 a32 a12 a02s

Not all Samsung smartphones are flagships. There are a number of affordable devices that use a number of premium features without breaking the bank. The Galaxy A series is one such example.

One of the cheapest examples is the Galaxy A02, which is now receiving October update direct from Samsung in select regions. Released in January 2021, it’s modest, to say the least, with a 720p display, a basic dual-camera system, plus a sub-$150 price tag. Galaxy A02 owners in Central and South American regions, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Colombia, should now be able to get the latest patch.

Another excellent and impressive device of the Galaxy A series is the A52. It justifies its price with a great 120Hz AMOLED display, a quad-camera system and regular security updates. The latest is available in selected regions including Russia.

One of the most impressive devices from the A-series is the Galaxy A53. It comes with solid specs and a 5-year upgrade plan for under $400. This affordable device is getting the latest patch for October in vast parts of Europe including Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland and UK.

Often, cheap unlocked phones like the A21 struggle to get timely updates compared to unlocked models. However, the Galaxy A21 is being updated in the United States first, but for those on Verizon.

  • Galaxy A02 — A022MXXS3BVI1 (first released in South America)
  • Galaxy A21 — A215USQS8CVI6 (First published in the United States)
  • Galaxy A52 — A525FXXS4BVI3 (first released in Russia)
  • Galaxy A53 — A536BXXS4AVJ1 (released first in Europe)

How to check the latest OTA on your Galaxy device

If your Samsung device is scheduled to be updated already, but the October patch hasn’t arrived for you personally, you can try to update manually. Simply open the Settings app, tap on “Software Update” and select “Download and Install”.

This article was first published on September 30 and was last updated on October 17.

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