Schedule management with an open scheduler

Schedule management with an open scheduler

Schedule management with an open scheduler

Currently, process automation is a highly sought-after area. In each process, programming is done quite frequently. Open Scheduler is open source software required for enterprise-level programming processes. There can be job scheduling or grid scheduling that are used to schedule jobs or to schedule distributed resources.

Open Grid Scheduler is free batch queuing software for managing distributed resources. The basis of this open scheduler is Sun Grid Engine, but it is maintained by a few developers who have been contributing to Sun Grid Engine since 2001. It was developed as a backup to Sun Grid Engine, so although Oracle stops contributing to the same, it can still be maintained and available for free.

This open scheduler currently supports the following platforms: AIX, BSD’S, HP-UX ON IA64 and PA-RISC, IRIX, Linux on Alpha, IBM POWER & PowerPC, IBM System z mainframe, IA64, MIPS & Loongson, SPARC, x86 and x86-64, Mac OS X, Solaris on SPARC, x86 and x86-64, Tru64, Windows. It also has limited support for other platforms such as Cray UNICOS, NEC Super-UX and OpenBSD.

Process automation using freely provided database systems such as MySQL. PostgereSQL or using Oracle, SQL Server or DB2 can be done through the job scheduler. It is an open scheduler that can be used to run executable files and shell scripts, as well as to run database procedures automatically.

It is a batch program that runs as a daemon and can be controlled through the web server GUI. For the configuration of executable files, shell scripts and sets the time as well as the repetition level of the start of a job; it needs the help of an XML file. It also handles sequential and parallel tasks. It chains jobs for sequential processing and also has the ability to run on multiple instances for increased scalability. The trigger of this open scheduler can be done with the help of directory notification, built-in calendar, web UI or other applications like JAVA.

Because this application is used for batch programming, it runs in the background as a Windows service or UNIX daemon. The open scheduler has additional features such as load balancing, backup cluster mechanism and reporting tools to keep track of the overall performance of itself.

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