Schneider Debuts Square D Combined Service Solar Input Device

Schneider Debuts Square D Combined Service Solar Input Device

Schneider Electric offered a brief overview of the new Square D Combination Service Entrance Device (CSED) during NECA 2022 Convention and Expo at booth #2502. Schneider developed this CSED to be compliant with the new NEC 2020 standards, to offer new safety features, a compact design and, most importantly for us, to be solar ready.

The new CSED, due to be launched in December, combines the meter socket and service disconnect in a single enclosure. It also includes Wiser Energy technology, giving homeowners more control over their growing energy needs.

“Electrical codes are changing, but safety is still paramount to us in the products we offer and for electricians in the products they install,” said Richard Korthauer, senior vice president, Schneider Electric Home & Distribution US. “By bringing this state-of-the-art combination input device to market, we are supporting electrical contractors by simplifying NEC 2020 compliance and simplifying solar installations in preparation for the expected increase in demand resulting from the Inflation Reduction Act.”

Square D CSED features:

  • Outdoor trip, surge, and GFI protection required by NEC 2020
  • The Plug-on Neutral interior seamlessly adapts to existing Plug-on Neutral circuit breakers and surge protectors
  • Standardized solar capability for customers looking for an eco-friendly approach
  • Newly added four space/eight circle option
  • A compact footprint that requires less space, creating a seamless and cleaner installation
  • Three inch (3″) service conduit to allow more wiring maneuverability (as required by select utilities)

With Wiser Energy, customers are given the ability to track how their energy is used down to the device level. Providing real-time insight into energy usage allows homeowners to easily spot inefficiencies, set energy goals, reduce waste, and track savings—ultimately maximizing their electrical needs and wants.

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