See the expanded weather widget At first glance on Pixel 7 phones

See the expanded weather widget At first glance on Pixel 7 phones

See the expanded weather widget At first glance on Pixel 7 phones

Helpful alerts to start your day

How unfair it feels when Google’s most popular new features — things like Magic Eraser, Real Toneand Photo Unblur — are only available for the latest Pixel devices? We know, we know, there are many good reasons, both technical and economic, why things work this way; that doesn’t mean we have to be happy about it. Right now all the new stuff is debuting with Pixel 7 series captures our attention. Let’s take a quick look at one of our favorites, the expanded details in At a Glance weather, now available on Pixel 7 phones.


On earlier Pixels, At a Glance shows you an icon that shows the current time, along with the temperature — the real, actual basics. But now on the Pixel 7 we’re getting a little more detailed information, with a daily forecast and news about any precipitation we can expect. Even with all that extra information, the widget still doesn’t take up a lot of space on your home screen, keeping things looking nice and snappy.

Dismissing weather alert notifications doesn’t change what you see in the widget, and tapping for more details opens the Weather app as usual. If you haven’t seen this yet, try checking earlier in the day – we’ve noticed how details disappear by late morning, as if Google is just giving us a tool to help us start our morning off right. This change may seem insignificant, but it could be invaluable for a daily commuter or someone who travels a lot, helping you dress appropriately for the time of day.

Currently, this At first glance enhancement is exclusive to the Pixel 7 i Pixel 7 Protogether with Nest Package Delivery Alerts and travel items such as baggage claim information for your flight. Google has confirmed with us that all of this will eventually come to the Pixel 3 and newer phones, but for now we don’t know anything about what that schedule will look like.

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