Setapp for iOS – everything you need to know, as a user or developer

Setapp for iOS – everything you need to know, as a user or developer

MacPaw’s in-app subscription service has proven extremely popular for the Mac, and the company is now investing more in the iOS platform to bring the same benefits to the iPhone and iPad.

Users pay one monthly subscription for full access to professional versions of a wide range of applications. No ads, no in-app purchases, no update fees – just one low monthly payment. It’s an attractive proposition for them, and if you’re an iOS and/or macOS developer with your own great apps, Setup offers you a whole new market…

Setup for Mac launched in 2017, with iOS apps added in 2020. The company now especially welcomes developers who offer cross-platform apps, to further increase the reach of the service – and the number of developers who can benefit from it.

A winner for users and developers alike

The service is designed to be a win-win for both users and developers. Subscribers get a range of apps that would cost them literally thousands of dollars if they paid for each separately. Developers get an easy shortcut to a large user base and a sustainable one additionally income stream.

Developer-invited apps for macOS and iOS

The apps offered through Setapp for iOS have been carefully selected to offer popular apps that perform useful tasks and provide a great user experience.

New applications from applications that meet these criteria are always welcome. The great thing for a developer is that Setapp does all the work needed to generate a steady income while you can still sell your app through the App Store just like you do today. This includes payment handling, updates, content marketing, support and more. You maintain your own individual app sales, while Setapp creates a parallel revenue stream for you.

  • Access to tens of thousands of application users
  • Predictable monthly income, with a commission of even 10%
  • An easy way to add a subscription model to the mix
  • You’ll get paid even if users only open your app once a month
  • Simple application review process, with a deadline of 24 hours
  • Antitrust action is more likely to reduce Apple’s dominance in app sales

Some developers report that they make as much money from Setapp as they do from their own sales.

What do developers like about Setapp?

No matter how great your app may be, no one will know about it unless you are able to get your target audience to see it. But while developers love creating and perfecting their apps, many hate all the work, pain, and drudgery involved in marketing them.

Once your app is accepted, the Setapp team will take care of marketing, payments, account management, update mechanism, support and more – so you can focus on the work you love.

But you don’t have to take Setapp’s word for it: just ask the developers who signed up.

“Setapp seems to have clusters of productivity and business users. Session is a productivity app. So we are perfect for each other! Setapp also sent me their stats, which was a lot of people.”
Philip Young, Session

“Setapp provides not only a platform, but also user acquisition – it’s a win-win collaboration.”
Alexander Makhtin, Uplife

“Setapp is a source of income for us. We launch the app and if it solves the problem, users start using it. We do not do any additional marketing moves. Setapp does it for us.”
Ihor Štefurak, LofiGarden

Young also pointed out another benefit to bringing in lots of new users quickly:

“Setapp has many subscribers. This means I get tons of responses if parts of the apps are missing, wrong, or confusing. If there’s a problem, I fix it, submit a new version to Setapp (which is always quickly approved), and then wait for new responses: a tight feedback loop. Do this for a few months/over the course of a year and you’ll get less and less feedback, bringing your product closer and closer to perfection.”

How much are developers paid?

Developers get 70% of the revenue. Plus, if you bring subscribers to Setapp, you get an additional 20% cut for those users – that’s 90% total.

How does app sharing work?

Traditional subscription models give you either a flat rate or a scaled payment based on the time users spend in each app.

But that’s not fair to apps that provide a really useful feature but are used only briefly or infrequently. For this reason, every month we log every app used by every user, and then split the revenue equally between those developers.

How to apply?

No fees, no complicated procedures. Visit this website for more informationand then click on Answer apply button.

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