Sherman blames Sununu for losing $67M Federal Rental Assistance Fund

Sherman blames Sununu for losing M Federal Rental Assistance Fund

Sherman blames Sununu for losing $67M Federal Rental Assistance Fund

Sherman blames Sununu for losing M Federal Rental Assistance Fund
Rye’s Democrat Dr Tom Sherman, who is running for governor, is pictured with Gov. Chris Sununu to sign a bill sponsored at Frisbee Memorial Hospital on July 28.

By Nancy West,

Gov. Chris Sununu was surprised that New Hampshire had not been awarded $67 million more funding to continue US Treasury emergency rental aid beyond December 29, but his challenger, Dr. Tom Sherman says that Sununu only blames himself.

Sunnu has written a letter to the Democratic Congress delegation seeking help.

“I ask that you work directly with the US Treasury and urge them to reconsider their decision to end the ERA program in New Hampshire early, while confirming the re-allocation of our ERA 1 funding to New Hampshire. Please stand up and correct this wrong for our state,” Sununu said in a letter to the delegation that he issued to the press.

Sununu said, “After several months of waiting, we learned that the Additional Emergency Rental Assistance Fund for New Hampshire has been rejected without any notice or explanation, while 28 other states across the country have been released on their schedule. Resources have been given to keep it.”

“With rising inflation, cold weather and the holiday season, this is the worst time for the federal government to act.”

A copy of Sunanu’s letter can be found at Here,

Sherman, a Rye Democrat, said, “Sununu’s mismanagement wasted $19 million in rental aid during the housing crisis, and now his mismanagement of federal funds has led to skyrocketing rents and rising energy prices. $67 million in further jeopardy.”

A Sununu spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment on Sherman’s allegations.

“Sununu’s response was to blame instead of taking responsibility for the actions of his administration. This is no surprise, because at the same time he was a . were announcing plans to participate in 2024 President Cattle will convene next monthSherman said.

Sherman blames Sununu, saying that she is more focused on her political ambitions than the Granite Staters.

“Whether it’s their refusal to expand our energy options, their inability to make proper use of rental assistance funds, or their failure to address New Hampshire’s substance abuse and mental health woes, the Granite Staters have lost their lives.” Being hurt by mismanagement,” Sherman said.

Sherman said the Granite Staters are paying a “mismanagement tax due to Chris Sununu’s repeated failure to think of anything beyond his own political ambitions.

Sununu vetoed bipartisan measures that expanded our energy options while taking contributions from utility companies, failed to spend $19 million in rental aid during the housing crisis, and has now lost additional money because he Have failed to manage the program appropriately. Winter is coming, and the Granite Staters will pay the price for Chris Sununu’s mismanagement,” Sharman said.

Meanwhile on Friday, New Hampshire Housing announced it was pausing applications under the NH Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Effective Friday, October 21, new applications will not be accepted, a review of the existing pipeline of applications, the level of federal funding available, and the status of the US Treasury’s current state requests for additional funding, NH Housing said in a news release. .

Support services will continue to be available through five Community Action Partnership (CAP) agencies, and all applications in the pipeline will be reviewed and funded (pending eligibility). For updates on the Emergency Rental Assistance Program go to program page, States and territories across the country are funding emergency rental assistance through 2021 with resources provided by the US Treasury under the Emergency Rent Assistance Program.

This COVID-19 relief program has kept those who have been affected financially by the pandemic. According to NH Housing, without additional reallocated funds or further Congressional authorization, those states and localities will not have available resources under the program.

NH Housing and CAP agencies across the state have been administering NHERAP since March 2021 and have provided more than $230 million in assistance to more than 23,000 families in all 10 counties. For those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, contact 2-1-1. Contact us for eviction assistance 603 Legal Aid, which provides free civil legal services to low-income people at (603) 224-3333. An overview of New Hampshire’s schedule can be found at Here,

Those looking for additional information and want to access ancillary services should contact their local Community Action Partnership (CAP),

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