‘Silent Hill f’ release window, trailer, writer and link to Ryukishi07

‘Silent Hill f’ release window, trailer, writer and link to Ryukishi07

‘Silent Hill f’ release window, trailer, writer and link to Ryukishi07

First Silent Hill the games in more than a decade were announced in October 2022, less than two weeks before Halloween. After failure PT project and rumored rebootsfans can finally look forward to the series’ first main game in years: Silent Hill p. Konami announced this latest game in its 90th minute The Silent Hill broadcast close notice Silent Hill 2 remake AND Silent Hill: Townfall from Annapurna Interactive.

Details in Silent Hill p are still a bit unclear, but here’s what we know so far about the upcoming title so far.

makes Silent Hill p do you have a release date?

No, Silent Hill p it doesn’t have a release date yet. There are no platforms announced either. Konami only confirmed it with a trailer to let fans know it’s in development and give a sense of what the visuals will look like. Realistically, we’re still a few years away from release.

Is there one Silent Hill p trailer?

yes, Silent Hill p there’s a trailer that debuted during the Silent Hill Stream.

There’s not much to go off of other than the setting and visuals, which are based on Showa-era Japan. We see an eerie construction of a small Japanese village, complete with rice paddies and traditional wooden storefronts, before zooming in on a single schoolgirl. She is looking at a suspicious red grave, filled with flowers, and then the scene cuts to a more terrifying moment with red needles wrapping around her. However, it is better if you watch it to see the final result.

it’s Silent Hill p connected to the other Silent Hill games?

No, Silent Hill p is a completely new story set in Japan during the 1960s. Most of the Silent Hill games are set in fictional American cities, so it will be an interesting pivot into a new setting for the series.

who is it Silent Hill p writer?

The student makes a bit more sense after learning that Ryukishi07 is writing the story.Konami

Konami didn’t reveal the plot for it silent hill f, but discovered its writer: Ryukishi07.

Ryukishi07’s most popular works are When They Cry series, incl Higurashi When They Cry, Umineko When They CryAND Ciconia When They Cry. Higurashi in particular gained a cult following online. His experience with murder mysteries and psychological and supernatural horror seems like a perfect match for the Silent Hill franchise. We’ll have to wait to see how that experience plays out in a game other than a VN.

What else was announced during the Silent Hill Stream?

Silent Hill Transmission revealed these three games: Silent Hill 2 remake, Silent Hill: Townfall, AND Silent Hill p. Konami has also previewed the film Return to Silent Hill AND Silent Hill: The Ascentan interactive broadcast series that shapes its story based on audience participation.

Silent Hill p is currently under development.

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