Snap One provides monitoring and networking solutions for this 6-acre winery

Snap One provides monitoring and networking solutions for this 6-acre winery

Snap One provides monitoring and networking solutions for this 6-acre winery

friends Stoney J Winery In Cumming, Ga. We strive to offer a unique and memorable experience to clients visiting their 6-acre family property.

A relaxed leisure atmosphere that encourages guests to stroll the property, enjoy wine tasting, dine on authentic Italian cuisine in the on-site bistro, and peruse the retail shops is a vital aspect of their business model. Equally important is maintaining a high level of efficiency and productivity in all departments.

Thanks to the recent addition of a whole suite of technologies from Snap One, Stoney J’s has achieved all of these goals. Connected by a highway of high-speed fiber-optic cables is an array of integrated and configured security cameras, amplifiers, Wi-Fi access points, and other technologies.

Stoney J’s tech journey began with a “simple” request from the owners a few years ago for Wi-Fi access throughout the vast property. Dante Roridzo from . says: RMS installationsWoodstock, J.A.

It was challenging given the size and scope of the venue – fiber optic cables are tucked into six buildings on six acres. However, it was a project that the RMS Install team and the owners of Stoney J wholeheartedly pursued. Better Wi-Fi coverage will help speed up digital transactions, bring the atmosphere to life with music and video, secure properties, and give guests and employees full, uninterrupted use of their mobile devices.

There are many high-speed fiber optic network-connected Luma HD cameras, Episode’s indoor and outdoor amplifiers, indoor and outdoor Araknis Wi-Fi access points, streaming media devices, and displays.

From any mobile device, Stoney J employees can watch real-time recorded videos captured by cameras, stream music to speakers, and video — including winery schedule and menu items — to smart displays. Particularly useful are the instant alerts received by Stoney J management on mobile devices when any security camera notices movement at the entrance to the building.

“It’s the signal for delivery. They can visually confirm who and what a delivery is and respond accordingly – not rushing to the ends of the property if it isn’t necessary. The addition of networked cameras alone has made day-to-day operations smoother,” Roridzo says.

To maintain a seamless, leak-free connection and RMS installation, every building, from the tasting room to the production facility, is equipped with a network router, switch, access point, and Wattbox IP battery backup with built-in OvrC monitoring software, all tucked into an equipment rack. strong.

This stand consists of several integrated OvrC products to give your RMS installation complete visibility and insight into the network and every device connected to it. If your camera, streaming media device, or access point fails, RMS can quickly fix the problem – no need to take a truck to the winery or cause costly downtime for Stoney J.

For added peace of mind, Luma cameras notify the RMS Install when you feel movement after hours. Also, Network Optimization are separate VPNs configured by an RMS installation to split Wi-Fi traffic. This ensures that no matter how many guests access your Wi-Fi network, Stoney J’s behind-the-scenes technologies have enough bandwidth for safe operation.

Today, the Stoney J team uses mobile devices to manage networked Snap One products. It’s simple and effective, but now that owners have seen the positive impact of technology on their business, they’re willing to put up with it a bit.

Soon, RMS will reinstall the Winery to add Wi-Fi-enabled door locks to outbuildings, a full security system, and a Control4 automation system. Like the original year-long project, the technology for Phase Two will come from a single source – Snap One.

“For a technology integrator involved in large and complex installations like Stoney J, it’s easier and faster to purchase the product than with an all-in-one company like Snap One,” Ruredzo explains. “Plus, we know that everything available under the Snap One umbrella has been validated to work well together.”

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